With CoolDing you can operate your infrared devices remotely, at any time, wherever you are. CoolDing is the universal remote control for all your infrared equipment. Record commands from the original remote control and run them with the app. Use a timer to have the commands run automatically.



  • Easy to operate remotely from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Works with every brand and type of equipment operated by infrared (IR), such as TV and air-conditioner.
  • Operation of multiple CoolDings through one app.
  • Multiple commands can be operated from one CoolDing.
  • Switching on and off automatically with timers.
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Product information

What is it?

CoolDing is a universal remote control for all your infrared-operated equipment (e.g. TV or air-conditioner (HVAC)). CoolDing can record and save the signals from the remote control. You can then run these from the CoolDing app on your smartphone or tablet, thus operating the relevant equipment from anywhere. Set a timer really easily, so that the air-conditioner switches on and off automatically. Useful if you sometimes forget to switch off the air-conditioner.


How does it work?

Plug the CoolDing into a wall socket within reach of your infrared device. Connect CoolDing to the internet through WiFi or LAN.

CoolDing can be used universally, because you record and name the commands from your remote control in the app. Record the infrared signal with the CoolDing. After saving the command you can run this signal through the app and operate the device.

You can also have the commands run automatically through a timer. The various commands can follow each other up to five minutes. The selected command remains in force until a new command occurs in the timer, or until you perform a command through the app manually.