Smile P1

Smile P1

With the Smile P1 you get an up-to-date insight into your energy consumption for both gas and electricity, at any time and anywhere. The handy Plugwise app gives you an insight into your energy consumption using simple graphs and overviews. This way you can finally take control of your energy costs.

Smile P1

Smile P1

  • No subscription charges.
  • Insight into your energy consumption, anytime and anywhere.
  • Access through the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy to connect to your smart meter.
  • Clear and convenient graphs of your energy consumption.
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Product information

What is it?

The Smile P1 provides up-to-date insight into, and control over, your energy costs, for both gas and electricity. So you can see exactly how much electricity and gas you have used and when, and how much this costs.

In the app you can check back on how much energy you used and saved per hour, day, week, month or even up to a year.


How does it work?

Simply connect the Smile P1 to the P1 port of the smart meter. The Smile P1 then sends the measured data to the app on your smartphone or tablet through a wireless internet connection. The total energy consumption is displayed conveniently in clear graphs and overviews. This lets you check whether your economy measures are effective.

Note! To use the Smile P1 you need a smart meter with a P1 port. Don’t have one yet? Then get in touch with your grid administrator.