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About us

Het kantoor van Plugwise

Innovation and inspiration is in our DNA

Since 2006, Plugwise has dedicated itself to designing, developing and producing wireless energy management and control systems to increase building efficiency and sustainability within both the private and the business market. Individuals and organizations receive current and accurate insight in their energy consumption through a wide range of energy monitoring & control systems with which they can save in between 10 and 40 percent on energy.

Typical Dutch and internationally orientated

Plugwise is a typical Dutch company, internationally orientated and with a fully automated high-tech production in Eindhoven. Meanwhile, Plugwise is established in Germany and in Australia and collaborates with various international distributors. These offices are managed from Plugwise’ headquarters in Sassenheim (nearby Amsterdam Schiphol-Airport). In The Netherlands Plugwise sells its products directly to end users and via an increasing network of selected resellers and distribution partners.

Innovative, accessible and user-friendly

The Plugwise system is easy to implement at little cost and works everywhere. As the wireless energy management system does not require for an extensive (environmentally damaging and expensive) cabling and works independently from energy companies, the system can conveniently be brought along when moving. In addition, the system increases living and working comfort thanks to the smart switching techniques which perfectly integrates energy savings and the user’s needs. Insight into the total energy usage, into any self-produced energy and into the energy usage per device, at a glance and at any moment of the day, wherever you are, via the Plugwise App on a tablet, smartphone or via the Plugwise pc software Source.

Progressive and always in search for new opportunities

Thanks to an ambitious & innovative R&D program and a well-filled innovation portfolio, Plugwise realizes each quarter one or more product introductions. At a very early stage, Plugwise foresaw the increasing attention for energy management on a national level as well as internationally. A constant focus on initiating and further developing of new concepts and continuously implementing product improvements within the product portfolio, has allowed Plugwise to respond to new technologies and changing needs.