About us

Our vision

The greenest energy is the energy that you do not use. We strive to make the world a lot greener in terms of energy consumption. With an extensive range of energy management systems, private individuals and companies get up-to-date and accurate insight into their energy consumption with which they can save up to 40 percent on energy.

100% Dutch

We are proud of that. Plugwise is a truly Dutch company located in the middle of the Bollenstreek. The head office is located in Sassenheim (near Leiden) and our production is fully automated in Europe.


The team

Originated from a family business and has since grown into an innovative company with a young and fresh group of people. Different teams within the company work on developing, marketing and selling products to small and large national and international companies and individuals.


Contact details

General: +31 882 43 30 70

Anna Technology B.V. | Plugwise
KvK-number: 81123272
VAT-number: NL861941640B01

Edisonstraat 20C
2171 TV Sassenheim
The Netherlands

If you drive to Edisonstraat in Sassenheim you will see number 20C sitting on the corner. You recognize it right away by the Plugwise flags and Plugwise logo on the facade.


Edisonstraat 20C

2171TV Sassenheim