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This is ANNA.

  • Intelligent


    Anna is self-learning. And she keeps learning from you. Continuously. Anna works for you. You can choose a saving mode and she saves energy. What a collaboration.

  • Beautiful


    Anna lights up every time you touch her. She has style. Anna is particularly well adapted to every surrounding. She almost looks like art.

  • Cool


    Anna knows what the weather is like outside. And takes this into account. She senses when you are around and she adjusts herself to that. That is what we call ‘coming home’.

Watch the Anna Commercial

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She works for you.

Together with Anna you can easily create a daily schedule. She adjusts the indoor temperature accordingly. But it doesn’t end there: Anna learns from your lifestyle. Without having to do a thing about it.



Anna uses geofencing to determine whether you (and/or any of the other residents of the house) are nearby. If you wish, Anna switches herself off when you are away and switches herself back on when you are heading home. She always waits for you. Even if you are late.


Feel the elegance.

Designed with the utmost care. That is Anna. A subtle element on your wall. Appropriate for every home. You can control Anna via your tablet or smartphone, but you can also touch her. Tap at the right side for warmer, at the left for colder. Anna uses color to show you that she’s doing exactly what she is asked to do.


Nice for your heating system.

Anna is developed so that she can communicate with the majority of the heating systems. Unlike many thermostats Anna is able to work properly with the OpenTherm protocol. And for connecting to heating systems using an on/off signal. Anna 24V/OT is suitable for boilers working with the OpenTherm protocol or an on/off signal (24V, 1A). Anna 230V is developed for heating systems till 230V (till 5A) working with an on/off signal.

Anna is special for Dutch central heating boilers

Suitable for old and new boilers.

Unlike most temperature controllers, Anna is suitable for connection to both modulating boiler with OpenTherm thermostat connection, as well as boilers only switching with on/off signal. Moreover, if necessary Anna is seamlessly switchable.

Check if your boiler is suitable for Anna.

OpenTherm is a way of communication between the boiler and the thermostat. The OpenTherm protocol is able to control the boiler modulatory. This not only means the boiler will be controlled (on/off), but also means the temperature of the heating water is automatically adjusted. The water temperature of the boiler will be adapted to the demand for heat to reach the requested room temperature. Anna instructs the boiler to heat faster when your home is cold. And to heat more slowly when your home is already at the right temperature. The heat loss in the room will now be compensated precisely with the warmth of your boiler. This way it stays the desired temperature, and it takes the boiler less energy to heat your home. Less gas consumption, yet always a constant and comfortable temperature in your home. Anna 24V/OT is suitable for the OpenTherm protocol.



Whatever the weather is outside, Anna is aware of it. And she takes it into account.

Economy mode

Carefree Saving.

Anna is unique. Not only does she learn from you, she also works for you. You choose a saving mode: is having comfort the most important thing to you? Choose the ‘Comfort’ mode. Do you wish to live sustainable, yet in a comfortable way? Choose ‘Eco’. As a ‘Green Crusader’ you save with maximum results. Anna saves compared to your current lifestyle.

Your data belong to you

Your data belong to you.

Privacy. Anna knows how important that is. And Anna believes: your data belong to you. That’s why she doesn’t impose any hidden conditions. You stay in control of your own data. There is no need to fear that Anna will pass confidential information on to third parties. That’s her promise.



Anna feels that it is important that she is beautifully packaged but with reusable packaging.. For that matter the shape is made to enhance sustainability. Once Anna is displayed on the right spot, you can recycle the packaging as a storage box for everything that is small and delicate.


Made in the Netherlands.

Innovation doesn’t need to come from abroad. Of course not. And yet, Anna is proud. Because she was created in The Netherlands. Developed and produced. Anna is a co-creation of the Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij and Plugwise. And she does not roll out of the development infrastructure in some factory in the Far East. But simply from Eindhoven.

Anna is 100% Dutch