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Anna Changelog

0.9.4 Changes:

  • Unhandled coroutine failures can not crash the entire Core anymore
  • Re-init the TT 5 minutes after the first successful initialization (workaround)

0.9.3 Changes:

  • re-enabled downloading of portal last_consecutive_log_dates (portal should be able to handle it now.
  • fixes for missing schedule bugs

0.9.2 Changes:

  • Increased number of writes to disk for all logged data.

0.9.1 Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where OT features were erroneously expected from an OnOffBoiler.
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect object instantiation caused autoconf not to complete, which in turn rendered reset or new Smile T's entirely unusable.

0.9.0 Changes:

  • TT-R27:
    • Possible start of unwanted pre-heating before midnight
    • Change DPH initial parameters table according to conformity with PW and NLE (YPL: bijstellen van max 5% naar max 10%)
  • The maximum boiler temperature can now be set for OpenTherm boilers.
  • TT: periodically check both the calibration and status of the Active IR, and fix it if it turned defective.
  • SE & TT: sadly, it seems we cannot trust events to work as specified, so poll all variables at low frequencies.
  • portal_poller, remote control: back off exponentially if something goes awry.
  • remote control now gets its URL from the url_list if possible.

0.8.4 Changes:

  • Updated extension en thermo touch fw's to SE-R23+TT-R26; new functions are not yet enabled for end users.

SE R23 Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where OT status bit was toggled when regulation was turned off
  • Fixed issue where OT status bit was seen offline for a brief moment in time when a ThermoTouch timeout occurred
  • Negative numbers for timestamps
  • Buildpacket can be called multiple times when USB fails to send for SE CLI response resulting in a message with double target/destination/length

SE R23 Change in features

  • Add ability to change maximum boiler temperature (includes addition of OT ID 6 and 49 (remote r/w flag and temperature bounds)
  • Change "list_vars" implementation in order to support current number of variables
  • Increase ThermoTouch timeout time to 30 seconds, currently rather strict
  • Status of OpenTherm by running "test_opentherm_support" should always be saved
  • Also get OT error codes when regulation is disabled

TT R26 Bug Fixes

  • Negative numbers for timestamps
  • On reboot the variable regarding regulation active is ignored and the regulation is always enabled

TT R26 Change in features

  • Regulation needs to store learning parameters at minimum weekly and sanity checked
  • Change "list_vars" implementation in order to support current number of
  • Add power saving modes to ThermoTouch
  • Add ability to disable pre-heating
  • Add ability to provide heating and building type to
  • Increase number of possible report_var events to 30
    • Note: The latter will create a reset of the stored variables to report, the variable reporting for these variables should be re-enabled by PW (by default done by PW in current Smile SW).
  • Firmware upgrades handled by Core again, on every full init (Core, SE or TT restart).
  • Boiler temperature set as high as possible with a max of 80 C, if setting said temperature is at all possible.
  • When upgrading the Smile T, have a message on the Display.
  • Fixed interpretation of the source for the intended_boiler_state log.

0.8.3 Changes:

  • Changed SE FW to R22; max temp set to 80 degrees
  • R20 with default maximum boiler temperature set to 80°C

0.8.2 Changes:

  • Greatly increased log sizes to hold about a year of data for every log.
  • Fixed bug in applying changes to the WiFi configuration.
  • TT: Reworked display rendering.

0.8.1 Changes:

  • Improved HTML Interface; many fixes for German language & color codes for errors in html UI.
  • Fixed several small bugs

0.8.0 Changes:

  • SE-R20
    • regulation is not stopped when the smile communication freezes
    • false positives on OT communcation should be solved (red screen issue)
  • TT-R25
    • background colours now drawn as circle
    • ack for var off is now send, communication with smile is improved
    • TT shows error screen when communcation is lost
    • If the TT forgets about OT, the Smile reminds it
    • When the TT forgets about the Active IR calibration, it is recalibrated
    • Added a number of diagnostic logs:
    • Schedule state
    • Intended boiler state (OT only)
    • Intended boiler temperature (OT only)
    • Actual boiler temperature (OT only)
    • Initialization of routines on smiles is faster
    • GET */*_logs parametrization fixed
    • PortalWeatherFeed: requests now spread over 10 minutes, reducing load on the Portal

0.7.6 Changes:

  • Fixed problem where dnsmasq sometimes started too early, causing a complete loss of internet connectivity on the first boot after connecting to a WiFi network as a client from a situation where the Smile T previously was in AP mode.

0.7.5 Changes:

  • (Major) New scheduler, which is much more efficient; everything is faster, now.
  • (Minor) Registration attempts at Portal limited in case of no connection