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Plugwise Anna wall plate


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Easily cover remaining marks caused by your old thermostat with the Anna wall plate.

  • Easily mount the wall plate behind Anna.
  • Camouflages ugly remaining marks on your wall up to a diameter of 19 cm (7.5 inch).
  • Suitable for installation with both cables coming from the wall and cables running over the wall.
  • Also perfectly suitable on walls with a structure.
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Anna installation

Is your thermostat located on the right place? You can easily replace it with Anna. But when removing your old thermostat it might happen that ugly spots are left behind on your wall. Use the Anna wall plate to hide these spots in a simple yet beautiful way.

The construction on the back of the Anna wall plate makes it possible to hide installation cables. This is convenient for cables coming from the wall, but also for installation cables running over the wall. With the smart breakout wall it is also possible to place these cables behind the wall plate. This breakout wall provides the opportunity to place the cables from the left, right, top or bottom of the wall plate. And, because the Anna wall plate is slightly located above the wall, it is also possible to place it on walls that contain a structure.

The Anna wall plate is suitable to cover up differences in colour, spots and imperfections caused by many old thermostats. Nevertheless we recommend you to first measure the desired diameter. The Anna wall plate covers an area with a diameter of 19 cm (7.5 inch). Having an installer over for the Anna installation? Then ask your installer for the Anna wall plate.

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