FEATURED: Adam HA Gateway

The Adam HAis the foundation and brain of our zone control system. It is the central gateway that controls all other devices in the system. Adam communicates with the other devices using the wireless Zigbee protocol. Through the Plugwise Home app you can easily add these and divide them into one of the spaces you have created yourself, such as the living room or a bedroom. In the app you can also easily set schedules for the various rooms that you have added. There are a lot of clever things in Adam, here we explain a number of unique properties:

  • Adam is smarter than just weather-dependent control! Adam not only takes the outside temperature into account, but also looks at weather conditions. Such as wind but also wind force or the hours of sunshine. In 2 weeks Adam learns which room is where in the house. Does a room have a lot of sun, so it heats up faster than another room? This is all taken into account when calculating the ideal supply temperature. Adam also looks ahead to the weather forecast for up to 72 hours and anticipates it. The only real right the only right and most efficient way of heating.
  • Adam always calculates the most favorable supply temperature for each room. You can create your own schedule for each room with different temperatures and different times. That means that Adam is constantly calculating in which room it should be which temperature but also should remain. Bringing a room up to temperature or keeping a room up to temperature is a big difference. In addition, every room is different, in size but also in location. In addition, every room is different, in size but also in location. For example, Adam can calculate that it takes 30°C to keep the study room at the right temperature. But the schedule for the living room also states in 2 hours at 21 degrees and that means that preheating has to start, but this may require 45°C to be warm in time. Adam can then choose to take 45°C as the supply temperature and then close the study room halfway so that the temperature does not rise there.
  • Adam is independent of brand and type of heating. Adam can work with all types of heat sources, such as the classic central heating boiler or a heat pump. But district heating is also no problem. We can work with any boiler and heat pump. This can be done as an after-control, through the on/off connection or via the OpenTherm connection. OpenTherm is preferred because it is the most sustainable for heating. Most boilers nowadays have an OpenTherm connection or are there converters to be able to talk to OpenTherm.
  • Use your existing thermostat in the zone control! So you don’t have to replace your current thermostat, even your ‘dumb’ thermostat can make you smart with Adam. The thermostat is directly connected with a cable to the Adam and is added to the zone control in this way. You can then also operate your fixed thermostat through the Plugwise Home app. Please note, this is of course only possible if your existing thermostat is an OpenTherm thermostat. Adam works with 99% of the existing OpenTherm thermostats (*).
  • Adam communicates completely wirelessly without any problems! The wireless communication of the Adam is characterized by reliability. The different modules (radiator buttons, buttons for the underfloor heating distributor) reinforce each other (routing), creating a very reliable secured network between the different rooms.
  • Adam works with all heat emission systems, such as radiators, convectors, underfloor heating, electric heating and infrared panels. This makes us a solution for your entire home! Even if the room has a combination of these, it can be controlled by Adam. For example, the living room that has underfloor heating and radiators, this is neatly added in the same room and Adam recognizes that several heating elements are present and anticipates the supply temperature or preheating time.
  • You can also coolwith Adam these days! Do you have a heat pump that supports this? Then our system can do this too. Do you have an Elga or Loria heatpump? Then we even have a separate feature for extra functions with your heat pump and our system.

(*) The Adam does not work with the Google Nest and the wireless Honeywell thermostat.

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