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But our appliances are of course nothing without our Plugwise Home app, which is indispensable for working with our appliances. The app can be downloaded from the app store for Android and Apple. In addition, we also have a web version of the app, so you can also control and view the devices on laptops and computers. In the app you can add various devices, with which you always start with the ‘main device’, in other words the ‘gateway’. There are 3 devices that have the option to be added directly to the Plugwise Home app; Adam (zone control system), Anna (smart thermostat) and Smile P1 (energy consumption manager). Each device has a different purpose in the app, because of the unique 8-letter code, the app recognizes which device is added and will therefore show the correct information. When adding the Adam, you can also add Tom, Floor, Lisa, Jip, Aqara Plug and Koen.



Smile P1

  • With the app you have easy insight into your thermostat/thermostats and/or consumption. With the click of a button you can access your data.
  • You can also access your devices outside the home. Even on holiday abroad. Forgot to put your thermostat on vacation schedule? No problem, you can arrange that while you are lying by the pool!
  • Live insight into your data with the Smile P1 and historical insight in clear graphs.
  • Also receive data from your solar panels via the Smile P1. This way you can see how much of your consumption is collected by your solar panels (NOTE: these are not the net revenues)
  • Control your heating zone by zone with Adam and associated devices. Set a schedule for various rooms and never heat unnecessarily again.
  • View your boiler behavior in clear graphs, in which you can see what the supply temperature has been, the desired temperature in the room and the actual temperature.
  • Add an infinite number of gateways to your app. Do you have multiple gateways? For example an Adam or Anna at home, a Smile P1 at home and an Adam or Anna at the office? You can add all of these in the app and easily switch between the gateways.
  • Does not forward data unsolicited to third parties, such as energy suppliers or others.
  • Does not ask for privacy sensitive information such as name and address details. But also e-mail address and telephone number are not necessary to be able to make full use of the app. No form of registration is required, the unique 8-letter ID is required for this.

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