FEATURED: System Zone Control Starter Pack

The starter pack actually says it all. This is the ideal package to start with zone control. Before you provide the entire house, which is of course also possible, it is also possible to start small. Connect your fixed thermostat to a zone in the living room/kitchen and apply the Lisa to an extra room that you want to be able to control separately. Now it is ideal, for example, to be able to set up your office! 1 Tom is included in the package for a radiator, but can also be replaced with a Floor if there is underfloor heating. Your advantages with a zone control system?

  • Start by heating2(or more) zonesand set the perfect temperature for your rooms. You can create your own schedule for each zone so that you always have the right temperature, in the right room, at the right time.
  • Create more comfort in your home. By being able to heat per room and adjust your schedules to your life, you always have a well heated room the moment you are there. Does your schedule change unexpectedly? No problem, because you can switch off or change the schedule via the Plugwise Home app. Even outdoors, your zone control system is accessible to check or change.
  • Save on your energy costs. You can save up to 30% by heating correctly. By no longer heating at times when it is not necessary or by not heating your entire house constantly, you reduce heating costs. Make use of the schedules and try to burn as little as possible when it is not necessary.
  • Expand your system at any time. This way you can start smalland see which areas you find even more important to be able to regulate. For example, your bathroom or bedroom.
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