HIGHLIGHTS: Anna, Lisa and Jip thermostat / temperature sensor

Anna is our well-known smart central thermostat and has been around longer than our other products. It has been developed as a fixed thermostat and can therefore also be purchased as a separate smart thermostat without a zone control system. In addition, Anna can also be added to the zone control. Anna is available in 2 (hardware) variants, the hybrid OpenTherm and (max.24V) on/off version and the (max) 230V (relay) version. Anna is the only product in a zone control system that does not work with the Zigbee signal. Anna is wired (just like all existing OpenTherm thermostats) to Adam and therefore has a direct link. What are the benefits of Anna?

  • As a fixed thermostat, Anna is always connected to the boiler (or to the Adam and therefore the boiler). If Anna is linked to Adam and there is ever a power outage that makes Adam unreachable, the living room with Anna can always be controlled.
  • Anna can also be controlled in the Plugwise Home app. This can be added as a separate gateway when Anna is the only device in use or placed under the Adam in a room near the zone control. Create schedules and easily control the Anna indoors or even outdoors via the app.
  • Anna is independent of brand and type of heating. With its 24V and 230V connection, our smart thermostat can be connected in the Netherlands as well as in other countries in Europe. In addition, Anna works with central heating boilers, (hybrid) heat pumps and district heating (with or without a main valve).
  • The designof the Anna is very modern and looks great in any home. Of course, this does not give a direct advantage, but it does give a good appearance in the home. An advantage that comes with the beautiful design, you can not only change the temperature, but also change your preset schedules with a tap on the side of Anna.

Lisais our wireless thermostat and works with Zigbee. Lisa can be used with batteries or on USB power. With USB power Lisa amplifies the Zigbee signal and a mesh network is formed. In principle, Lisa is only used in combination with Adam uses but can also be added to compatible Zigbee (Home Automation) gateways such as the Homey. Lisa can be added to the Adam and placed in a zone with the Plugwise Home app. For example, the bedroom or study. Important advantages of the Lisa?

  • Lisa can be powered with an adapter or battery. As soon as Lisa is placed on USB power, the device becomes a so-called router. The Zigbee signal on which the system communicates is made stronger in this way and creates a so-called mesh network.
  • Place Lisaon the wall or somewhere on a surface. Lisa has a standard or wall plate for both options. This allows you to always place Lisa in the most suitable place.
  • Lisa communicates through Zigbee with Adam and the other devices. Through this signal, the desired temperature is passed on and the current temperature and whether the radiators or underfloor heating should remain on for the correct temperature.
  • The measured and set temperature is always visible on the Lisa screen.
  • The desired temperature can be easily changed with the + and – touch buttons or via the pre-set pre-sets such as “Home”, “Away”, “Sleep”, “Holiday” and “Anti-Frost”.

Jip is the newest temperature sensor. Jip is not described as a thermostat because Jip does not have a screen to show the temperature and a temperature change cannot be passed on to the device. You do this with the Plugwise Home app. Jip can be placed inconspicuously in a room or in a room where the temperature cannot and may not be adjusted just like that. Jip therefore has the following advantages:

  • Jip has a compact design and only works on battery, so it can be placed anywhere in a room.
  • The room cannot be operated unintentionally. Ideal when a room may not be operated by others (without an app), for example in a business environment or in a children’s room. The Jip can only beoperated through the Plugwise Home app.
  • Just like Lisa, Jip transmits the temperature in the room withZigbee. In this way Adam can switch the radiators and/or underfloor heating on or off at the right time.
  • The Jip is very small and unobtrusive.
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