Set holiday schedules

Summer vacation is just around the corner and luckily that means vacation again this year! Because it is possible again, of course take into account the regulations of the country you are traveling to. But also pay attention to how you leave the house behind. Who waters the plants, puts the mail neatly on the table and ensures that the fish gets to eat… You would almost forget to turn off your heating in all the hectic!

There you can easily switch on a holiday schedule with Plugwise! You can set this completely to your own liking, but how does it work exactly? Below you can see how it works for Anna and Adam.

How does it work with Anna?

  1. Turn off your schedule:
    1. Touch the top of Anna for 2 seconds. The schedule is now off.
    2. Or open the app and choose schedules at the bottom right. Right click on the blue check mark to turn off the schedule.
  2. Lower Anna’s temperature

How does it work with Adam?

  1. Open the app and choose schedules at the bottom right
  2. Click on the plus sign and choose a temperature schedule. Then click on the arrow at the top right to continue
  3. Click anywhere in the schedule and set your schedule. You do this for all days and for all days
  4. Choose the scene ‘customized’ and create your own temperature
  5. Save the schedule and press the arrow at the top right
  6. Give the schedule a name and click save
  7. Select the schedule you just created and indicate in which zones it should be active. Please note, you can’t see this in the video because there is only 1 zone
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