Besides being very cool, we are also very cool! Do you have a system that supports cooling? Then you can not only heat smartly with our system, but also cool comfortably. Ideal for the summer. Set the temperature per room with Adam and only cool in the room where it is needed. Brand and system independent! Learn more about cooling with our system:

When can you cool with Adam?

Actually always. If your ‘heat source’ also has a cooling function, Adam can handle that. which heat sources have this for example? Almost all heat pumps also support cooling, which means that Adam can be used to cool each room. But also district heating systems sometimes have the option of cooling. Whatever system you have, cooling is possible in combination with the Plugwise zone control system.

As the main regulation, Adam can directly control cooling with the Thercon Thermastage and the Loria heat pumps. The software for these heat pumps and the Plugwise control has been adjusted in such a way that automatic cooling is possible. You then only need to set the regulation mode to cooling.

With an extra Relay box, it is also possible to use other heat pumps and district heating systems for demand-driven cooling. Does your heat pump have a cooling contact to go into cooling/heating mode and a contact for the cooling/heating demand itself? Then use a plug that you set as the device type Cooling contact together with the 230V Relay box. If you set Adam to cooling, the plug will automatically close the cooling contact. Only when Adam asks for cooling will Adam’s demand contact also close to start cooling. Does your heat pump or district heating have a contact or valve for cooling and a contact or valve for heating? Then use the Relay box Heating & Cooling. When there is a demand for heat, the heating contact closes and when there is a demand for cooling, the cooling contact closes.

Furthermore, as a post regulation, Adam can cool with any system. You manually set your heat pump or district heating to cooling. Cooling is then not demand-driven and cold water must always flow around. Adam can be set as a post regulation by turning on the uncontrolled heating source function in the advanced settings. Also set Adam’s heating mode to Cooling. The correct zones will then open or close based on the cooling demand.

Can I also cool with Anna?

Cooling with only an Anna is possible with only the Techneco Elga and Thercon Loria heat pumps. The software between these two heat pumps and Anna is coordinated in such a way that automatic cooling is possible. Do you use Anna with Adam? Then you can actually always cool.

Please note, the Remeha Elga Ace is a different product than the Techneco Elga. Cooling with the Elga Ace does not work with Anna.

How does it work then?

If you want your home to be cooled, that’s your choice. In the Plugwise control, you then set the control to “cooling”. From that moment on, your house/zone will be regulated by Plugwise on the basis of a cooling demand. With Adam even cooling per zone becomes possible. Set the temperature lower than the measured temperature so that cooling will take place. Of course you also have to set your heat source to cooling if this is not yet automatic (see cooling contact below). This is often a manual action on the heat pump or district heating.

Where can I purchase this?

You can now purchase the cooling function for Adam on our website, look herefor the cooling function! It is only a one-time purchase and you can use this cooling function for the rest of your life. For Anna, the cooling function is already in the Loria and Elga support.

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