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In control Maximum convenience Unlimited in use

As soon as your air conditioner is connected to the internet with CoolDing, the commands of the AC remote control can be recorded and played back via the ‘Record & Play’ function in the CoolDing app.

Now you can control your air conditioner always and from anywhere.

CoolDing’s operation is based on personally set time schedules. From now on, it’s comfortably cool indoors, at any desired moment. And already turning the air conditioning on, on your way home, is also possible!

The CoolDing app replaces the regular remote control.

CoolDing is universal and works with all brands and types of air conditioners. CoolDing is also suitable for all other IR controlled devices. From this day on, you will only need one remote control.

One app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android) for all your IR controlled devices.

"CoolDing increases comfort and convenience,

throughout the whole summer a cool home or office."

What is CoolDing?

CoolDing is thé universal remote controller that connects all infrared (IR) controlled air conditioners (HVAC) to the internet. With the CoolDing app on your smartphone or tablet you can control your air conditioner at any time and from anywhere, even on your way home you can already turn on the AC! Your normal AC remote control has become unnecessary.

How does it work?

With CoolDing the air conditioner is controlled with an infrared signal, just like the remote control of, for example, the TV. You can record the commands of your air conditioner with CoolDing and play them back via the CoolDing app. Enjoy within seconds, easily from your smartphone or tablet, the pleasure of an ideal feel-good temperature!

Why CoolDing?

• Remote control, wherever and whenever

• On/off switching of air conditioners (or other IR devices)

• Carry out commands via a schedule

• Carry out multiple commands in a row (‘Record & Play’- Sequence)

• Control of multiple CoolDings from 1 app

• Applicable on all types and brands of IR air conditioners

• Expandable with Plugwise products (for example an presence sensor)

USP's for installers

• Obtain CoolDing with a special discount only this July and August
• CoolDing means extra service to your new and existing customers
• CoolDing is very easy to install
• Always back-up from the Plugwise helpdesk

USP's customers (individual and business)

• Obtain CoolDing with a special discount only this July and August
• Control with one app multiple IR controlled devices
• Personal time schedules for automatic on/ off switching
• Always a comfortable indoor climate at home or at the office!



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