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Download the CoolDing app

CoolDing is a universal infrared remote controller for your air conditioner (HVAC) which is able to record and play commands with the app

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Download the CoolDing app

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Full control with the app

Use the app to set the desired temperature of your aiconditioner, set the fan speed, or turn your air conditioner on the Economy-mode. You have full control over your air conditioner on your smartphone or tablet.

Schedules make it easier

With CoolDing you can automatically switch your AC on or off, automatically adjust the temperature of fan speed. You can easily do all of this by just creating schedules within the app.

Control multiple AC units

Do you have more than one AC? No problem! The CoolDing app is able to control multiple AC units all at once

Always a comfortable indoor climate

Use the app to set the temperature when you are on the go. That way it's always the right temperature when you arrive back home or in the office.