Connect app

Install your Plugwise gateways even more easily and faster now with the Connect app. All you need is an Android smartphone or tablet and the password for the network with which you want to connect.

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Pay attention: This application is no longer being developed and is no longer supported by the help desk.

Connect app

  • Install gateways easily and quickly.
  • Developed alongside installers.
  • Works with Android.
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Product information

What is it?

The Connect app* makes the installation of Plugwise and Qupit gateways, like the Anna, Stretch, CoolDing and Smile, even easier. All you need is the password for the network to which you want to connect the device. Installation of Plugwise products is now really a walk in the park!

When you open the Connect app, it will search out the Plugwise/Qupit gateway networks in the area for you. Select the network of the Smile/Stretch/CoolDing you want to install. Before the installation you can see by the colour of the network in the Connect app whether you are too far away from the device. Is the signal strength insufficient (red)? Then you need to be closer to the device with your smartphone or tablet.

* For the time being the Connect app is only available for Android, under the name ‘Plugwise Connect’.


Minimum system requirements


  • Android 4.0 and higher

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