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Plugwise mobile app

Insight into, and operation of, your Plugwise system in one app. The app gives you insight and control, anywhere and anytime, both inside and outside the home. Discover where the energy in your house is going, so that you can start saving.

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Pay attention: This application is no longer being developed and is no longer supported by the help desk.

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Plugwise mobile app

  • Suitable for the Smile P1 version 1 and 2 (from before July 2019) and / or Stretch.
  • Insight into your energy consumption, anytime and anywhere.
  • Clear and convenient graphs.
  • Insight into energy consumption per device with the Stretch.
  • Operate your equipment remotely with the Stretch.
  • Easily set timers.
  • Works with iOS and Android.
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Product information

What is it?

Up-to-date insight into your energy costs

Note that the Plugwise Mobile app does not work with the Smile P1 (V3), this app only works with Smile P1 from before July 2019.

Do you have a Smile P1 from before July 2019? Then with the Plugwise app you have up-to-date insight into your energy consumption. In the app you see the current electricity consumption and what this would cost you. In addition, you have insight into your total electricity and gas consumption, independent of your network operator.

Insight into energy consumption per device

Do you have a Stretch? Then with the Plugwise app you have an up-to-date insight into the energy consumption per connected device. The Circle measures the energy consumption and uses the Stretch to forward it to the Plugwise app. In the app you can see instantly whether a device is currently on or off, and how much energy the device is using. Is a device on unnecessarily? Then turn it off, remotely, with the app.

Discover the largest energy consumers

View the energy consumption per device (Stretch) or the smart meter (Smile P1 from before July 2019) in well-arranged graphs. Choose whether you want to view the graphs per hour, day, week, month or even per year.

View solar panels in the Plugwise app

Have you added solar (photovoltaic) panels to your app? Then you can choose the solar overview at the bottom of the tab. This lets you see exactly what your solar panels are yielding.


Minimum system requirements

Plugwise device

  • Stretch
  • Smile P1 versions 1 and 2 (up to firmware 2.5.9)


  • iPod touch 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 2, or iPad with Retina display
  • iOS 4.3 and higher


  • » ARMv7 processor with vector FPU, minimum 550MHz, OpenGL ES 2.0, H.264 and AAC HW decoders
  • Android™ 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.x and 5.0
  • 256MB RAM

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