Plugwise HNS

The Plugwise system consists of various components that work together. Do you want to start measuring the energy consumption per device and remote switching, then choose a Home package. You can easily expand the Home packages later with loose Plugwise Zigbee product.


The Scan is a wireless motion sensor which ensures that unnecessary lights will never again be left on. Add the Scan to your system and switch off the lighting on the basis of movement or light.



The Sense is a wireless temperature and humidity meter. Add the Sense to your system and measure the current temperature and humidity in the room.



The Stealth is an embedded module with which you can measure the energy consumption of connected lighting or devices. You can also switch the lighting or devices on or off remotely with a click of the button or using a timer.



The Switch is a wireless switch with which a device or a group of devices can be turned on or off. Add the Switch to your system without having to lay any cables for this.