Anna wallplate

Anna wallplate

Easily cover remaining marks caused by your old thermostat with the Anna wall plate.

Anna wallplate
  • Easy to assemble behind Anna.
  • Camouflages ugly left-behind spots on the wall up to a diameter of 19 cm.
  • Suitable for installations where cables both come out of the wall and run over the wall.
  • Can also be applied perfectly to walls with a structure.
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Product information

What is it?

Is your thermostat hanging in the right place? You can easily replace the thermostat with Anna. But if you remove an old thermostat, you can leave an ugly spot on the wall. Use the Anna wall plate to hide this in a simple and beautiful way.


How does it work?

The construction on the back of the Anna wall plate makes it possible to conceal installation cables. This is useful for installation cables coming from the wall. But also for installation cables that run over the wall. With the smart breakout plane it is possible to place the cables behind the wall plate. This break-out plane makes it possible to run the cables from the left, right, top or bottom. And, because Anna's wall plate comes off the wall, you can also place it on walls with a structure.

The Anna wall plate is suitable for camouflaging color differences, stains and unevenness caused by many different old thermostats. Nevertheless, we advise you to check this in advance. The wall plate covers areas up to a diameter of 19 cm. Do you have Anna installed by an installer? Then ask your installer to the Anna wall plate.