Plugwise Home Set

Plugwise Home Set

The Plugwise Home set is the way to start with Plugwise zone heating. With Plugwise zone heating you can heat up your home at the right temperature, at the right time, in the right room. The room is only warming up if necessary. Good for the environment and comfortable for you. Easy and quick to install. And do you want to install more zones later? That is also a piece of cake.

Plugwise Home Set

Plugwise zoneverwarming

  • The starter packet for Plugwise zone control
  • Suitable for installation up to 3 zones*
  • Analyzes how to heat up the different rooms in the house.
  • Make use of a temperature schedule
  • User-friendly heating profiles
  • Easy to operate with the Plugwise Home app & webpage
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What is it?

The Plugwise Home set is the starter package for Plugwise zone heating. The starter package is suitable for installation up to 3 zones*.

  • Adam HA, the gateway with Zigbee Stick that controls the boiler and connects all products for zone heating
  • 2 Lisa's: wireless thermostat to accurately measure and adjust the temperature per room.
  • 4 Tom’s: thermostatic radiator valve. Works via power supply or on batteries.

The Plugwise zone control for underfloor heating, radiators and convectors is unique. The control system analyzes heating up the different rooms in the house and the influence of the sunlight, the outside temperature and the heating behavior of the boiler. By then retrieving the weather forecasts for the upcoming hours, the regulation predicts how the boiler can be controlled best in order to heat up the rooms in the house.

* Make sure that in every room where you install zone heating, there is also a zone control Lisa or in 1 of the zones an OpenTherm room thermostat. This is necessary to be able to reliably measure and set the temperature. Some commonly used OpenTherm room thermostats that have been tested a lot and which we at least support are Plugwise Anna (24V), Honeywell Round Modulation and Honeywell Chronotherm Touch..

How does it work?

First configure the zone heating system. You hereby register the Tom’s and Lisa's on Adam's network. Make sure you install a Lisa for each zone or an OpenTherm room thermostat* in 1 of the zones. Make sure you provide a Tom for all radiators in the room.

Adam HA is connected to the wires between the central heating boiler and the existing Opentherm thermostat. No OpenTherm thermostat? No problem. Remove the on/off thermostat from the living room and replace it with zonedisplay Lisa. Now you can install the Lisa's and Tom's in the rooms.

Connect Adam HA to the local network (Wi-Fi or LAN), so you can set the temperature in your home via the Plugwise Home app both indoors and outdoors.

Heb je een handige kennis of heb je het cv-systeem zelf onder de duim, dan kun je het zelf regelen. Toch adviseren we je het altijd door een erkende installateur te laten doen, al is het maar omdat hij je meer kan vertellen over de mogelijkheden die Adam te bieden heeft.

Install the Plugwise Home set as described in the Adam HA manual.