For underfloor heating the right temperature, at the right time, in the right place.

Koen is the economical solution if you want to install zone heating on underfloor heating distributors. Koen is a multiple engine driver, with 1 to 6 engines operating can be open or closed for connection to the floor heating system valves. You installs one motor per valve (and loop) and one Koen per zone. Connect Koen to the Plugwise Plug HA to open or close the motors in one go.



  • Open or close up to 5 groups / loops at once.
  • Is controlled by boiler module Adam.
  • Is switched by the Plugwise Plug HA.
  • Works for setting the temperature with the Plugwise Home app or Lisa room thermostat.
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Product information

Suitable for underfloor heating

If you want zone control with your floor heating, mount Koen on the distributor and connect it to a plug. Then create a zone in the Plugwise zone control software and place the Koen in this zone.

Multiple Koens can be in one zone. Ideal for underfloor heating with different loops/groups per room.

Save energy

Thanks to the Plugwise zone control, you only heat where needed and not higher than necessary. If the fireplace is lit or the sun shines on the windows, the zone control takes this into account. This way you can quickly save up to 15% on your heating costs.


How does it work?

Koen fits seamlessly into the Plugwise zone control system.

The system works with an Adam for controlling the boiler and can use the room thermostat Lisa and the Plugwise Home app for temperature control.

Place a Lisa per room (zone) to measure the temperature in the room and to set the desired temperature. Lisa sends the measured and the set temperature to Adam, who then tells the boiler how hard he should heat.

Adam then instructs Koen to open or close.

And with that, the right temperature is achieved at the right place at the right time.