With Lisa, you’re not dependent on your smartphone or tablet. You can measure the temperature per zone and set it manually. The surrounding Tom radiator valves take care of the rest.



  • Measures the room temperature.
  • Forwards the required temperature to Tom.
  • Makes the measured and target temperatures transparent in the room.
  • Can be installed without cutting or breaking.
  • Is powered by batteries or an adapter.
  • Communicates according to the open ZigBee standard "Home Automation 1.2" (HA 1.2).
  • Handy for the whole family.
  • Is controlled by Home Automation Gateways, such as Adam, Homey and Smart Life.
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Product information

What is it?

Control the temperature in each room separately. You don’t need a smartphone. One finger is all it takes.

The zone control is operated using 3 buttons around the screen. Set the required temperature using the two buttons on the left and right of the screen. You can set the temperature per 0.5°C. When you use the buttons, the zone control shows you with background lighting what it is doing.

If you want to adjust the temperature quickly - for example, when you are leaving the room - use the presets. To do this, press the button at the top of the screen.


How does it work?

The Qupit zone control is wireless and so easier to position per room; no cutting or breaking is required. Use the suspension device to install it on the wall and power it with batteries or an adapter. If you want, you can put the zone control on the table using the stand supplied.

Adapter vs batteries

The Lisa works with batteries (minimum service life 1 year), but can also be powered via a USB adapter. Depending on the choice of battery or adapter, it works differently within the ZigBee network.

Power supply via adapter

  • Acts as a ZigBee router.
  • Is always 'online' and continuously communicates with other ZigBee modules.
  • Strengthens the signal and the quality of the ZigBee network.
  • Sends signals to connected ZigBee end devices.

Power supply via batteries

  • Acts as a ZigBee end device.
  • Has an energy-saving sleep mode so the batteries last longer.
  • Sends/receives signals to and from connected ZigBee router.
  • ‘Wakes up’ every 7 seconds to receive radio signals.
  • ‘Wakes up’ every 10 minutes to adjust the radiator.*

* If Tom is powered by a battery, it may take up to maximum 10 minutes for all the zones to be heated according to the required adjustments..