Smile P1 (V3)

Smile P1 (V3)

The new Smile P1 (V3) is here: faster to use, easier to operate and more robust.

Connect to your smart meter and get real-time and historical insight into your gas and electricity consumption everywhere with the Plugwise Home app.

Smile P1 (V3)
  • No subscription costs and completely independent.
  • Easy to install yourself.
  • Real-time insight into your electricity and gas consumption.
  • Insight through the app or locally on a webpage.
  • Clear and well-arranged graphs of your energy consumption.
  • Connect via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.
  • Secure backup in the Cloud.
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Nieuwe versie V3

As a manufacturer that has been making meter readers since the introduction of the smart meter in the Netherlands, we now have the new Smile P1 V3. The Smile P1 works together with the new Plugwise Home app for Android and iOS for quick and easy insight. The Smile P1 is suitable for all Dutch P1 meters, including the latest generation of smart meters, from DSMR V2 to DSMR V5.

Note! To use the Smile P1 you need a smart meter with a P1 port. Don’t have one yet? Then get in touch with your grid administrator.