Start Stretch 3.0

Start Stretch 3.0

The Start Source 3.0 package is for everyone who wants to begin saving energy at home. The app gives you up-to-date insight into the energy consumption of the connected devices, both inside and outside the home. You can switch devices on or off directly, set timers, and control devices automatically.

Package: 1x Stretch 3.0, 1x Circle+, 1x Circle and the Plugwise app.

Start Stretch 3.0

Start Stretch 3.0

  • Switch items on or off with the app, wherever you are.
  • Insight into the energy consumption of connected equipment/lighting.
  • Set timers easily.
  • Two easy-to-connect Circles (plug & play).
  • The Plugwise app works on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
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Product information

What is it?

The Start Stretch 3.0 package consists of a Stretch and two Circles. You install the gateway and connect it to the internet (WiFi/LAN). You position the Circles between the wall socket and the device you want to monitor and/or switch. The Plugwise app gives you the ability to switch your equipment on and off, wherever you are.

Expand the package with the Start extension package, or make the system complete with other Plugwise HNS products, like the Scan, Switch or Sense. You can expand this starter package now or later with a Start extension package, or with the other Plugwise HNS products from this overview.


How does it work?

Install the Stretch 3.0 as described in the manual. Insert the Circles into the wall socket and connect one or more devices to this (using a multi-socket). In the Plugwise app, view how much energy your device is using when it’s on, but also when it’s on standby. Switch items on or off with the app, wherever you are. Set a timer easily, to prevent devices being on unnecessarily and consuming power.