The Stealth is an embedded module with which you can measure the energy consumption of connected lighting or devices. You can also switch the lighting or devices on or off remotely with a click of the button or using a timer.

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  • Measure and switch lighting and devices on and off invisibly.
  • Expansion to your existing Plugwise system.
  • Switch on or off automatically using self-configured timers.
  • Equipped with spring clips for quick wiring connections.
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Product information

What is it?

The Stealth is a module to insert which measures the energy consumption of the connected devices or lighting, and forwards the measured data to the Plugwise app or Source. In clear graphs and overviews you can check exactly how much energy your devices and/or lighting are using. You can also operate the connected devices remotely*, or have them switch on or off automatically using a timer.

Would you like to see the yield from your solar panels? Then consider the Stealth M.

* Features depend on the software chosen (Source or app).


How does it work?

Connect the Stealth to the wiring between the power output and the device. Add the Stealth to your Plugwise system. The Stealth measures the energy consumption of the connected device and forwards the measured data. The Stealth can switch on or off automatically using the timer in the app or Source. This prevents you from having a device running unnecessarily, and you avoid any standby consumption.

In the Plugwise HNS the Stealth is controlled by a Circle+ or a Stealth+. This assumes the role of coordinator in the network, and you will find it in the basic packages (Start Source and Start Stretch).

The Stealth is intended specifically for building into devices or in an electrical installation. Building in the Stealth must be done by a recognised installer in accordance with the local installation stipulations (such as NEN 1010 or AREI). For more information, see Article 10.1 of our general terms and conditions.