Stretch 3.0

Stretch 3.0

Do you have the Plugwise Stick from the Start Source package, and you want to change from Source to the Plugwise app? Then the Stretch 3.0 is the way to go. Simply put the Stick in the Stretch 3.0 and you can start using the app. You don’t yet have the Stick and a Circle+ yet? Then consider the Start Stretch 3.0 starter package.

Stretch 3.0

Stretch 3.0

  • Change from Source to the Plugwise app.
  • From now on use your existing Plugwise products from the Plugwise app.
  • Switch your equipment or lighting on and off through the app, anywhere.
  • The Plugwise app works on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
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Product information

What is it?

The separate Stretch 3.0 offers the ability to change easily from Source to the Plugwise app. The advantage of the app is that you can operate your equipment from anywhere at any time, both inside and outside the home.

Note! To create your Plugwise network you need a Plugwise stick and a + module (Circle+ or Stealth+). If you don’t have one yet, consider our Start Stretch 3.0 package.


How does it work?

Install the Plugwise Stick in the Stretch 3.0 as described in the manual. In the Plugwise app, from now on you can view how much energy your device is using when it’s on, but also when it’s on standby. Switch items on or off with the app, wherever you are. Set a timer easily, to prevent devices being on unnecessarily and consuming power.