The software

It’s easy to operate and view the Plugwise system with the associated apps or the software for your PC. Whichever solution you choose, we offer user-friendly software for each product.

Alongside apps and software for insight into and operating the system, we also offer apps that simplify the installation. Also consider the Connect app for installing one of our gateways, or the CoolDing Clone Commander for transferring CoolDing commands easily.


Plugwise app

Insight into, and operation of, your Plugwise system in one app. The app gives you insight and control, anywhere and anytime, both inside and outside the home. Discover where the energy in your house is going, so that you can start saving.


Complete insight into the energy consumption, locally with Source. Use timers, so that devices no longer run unnecessarily. Discover where the energy in your office is going, so that you can start saving.

CoolDing app

Operate your infrared equipment remotely with the CoolDing app. The user-friendly interface ensures that you can operate devices easily, or can have them switch on and off automatically using timers.

Connect app

Install your Plugwise gateways even more easily and faster now with the Connect app. All you need is an Android smartphone or tablet and the password for the network with which you want to connect.

CoolDing Clone Commander

Copy your commands super simply from one CoolDing to the other CoolDing with the CoolDing Clone Commander app.