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What do I need?

Adam HA

De gateway met zigbee stick stuurt de ketel aan en verbindt alle zone-regeling producten.


Wireless thermostat to accurately measure and set the temperature per room.


Thermostatic radiator valve. Works via power supply or batteries.


Narrow thermostatic radiator knob that fits on underfloor heating distributors.

Als je een ruimte van zone-regeling voorziet, zorg er dan voor dat op alle radiatoren, vloerverwarmingsdelen en/of convectorputten die in de ruimte aanwezig zijn en worden aangestuurd door de CV-ketel waarop Adam is aangesloten, een Tom of Floor is geïnstalleerd.

Plugwise regeling voor zone-regeling

The control system analyzes the heating of the various rooms in the house and the influence of sunlight, the outside temperature and the heating behavior of the boiler. By subsequently collecting the weather forecasts for the coming hours, the control predicts how the boiler can best be controlled to heat the different rooms in the house as optimally as possible.

An additional advantage is that in most cases the complex water-side adjustment of your heating system becomes superfluous.

Zone control

Set the temperature per each room. In that way you can comfortably heat up the rooms you are using and save energy in the rooms that you do not use. And good to know, you can always expand.

The Plugwise Home automation products communicate via the open Zigbee standard "Home Automation 1.2".

Zone heating starterkit

The Plugwise Home set is the way to start with Plugwise zone heating. With Plugwise zone heating you can heat at the right temperature, at the right time, in the right room.


Adam HA

Then make your existing OpenTherm thermostat smart with Adam. This allows you to easily create schedules and remotely control your thermostat. And in combination with a maintenance contract, your installer can monitor the status of your heating system. That way you will never be out in the cold again.



With Lisa, you’re not dependent on your smartphone or tablet. You can measure the temperature per zone and set it manually. The surrounding Tom radiator valves take care of the rest.



Koen is the economical solution if you want to install zone heating on underfloor heating distributors. Koen is a multiple motor control, with 1 to 5 motors that can be opened or closed, for connection to the floor heating system valves.



You need Tom. It means you no longer need to set the whole house at the same temperature, and you can easily set the temperature you want for a specific room. Soon, Adam will also support this product.



With Floor you no longer have to arrange the entire house at one temperature and you can easily set the desired temperature for a specific room. This can be done according to schedule, or manually via the Plugwise Home app or with Lisa.



Measure the energy consumption per device with the Plugwise Plug. The Plug can switch electrical devices, measures their energy usage and switch automatically via schedule or heat request.



With this wireless temperature sensor you can measure the temperature in a room more accurately. Jip can be placed discretely anywhere in the room. You can easily operate it via the Plugwise Home app.