Measure energy

Insight into your energy consumption. From a single device to an entire home or office.

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Smile P1

Read your smart meter. Live, at any moment.


Measure and switch any device. Up to 16A.


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Which energy meter suits you best?

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Smile P1
Reads live the smart meter of a home.
The smarter meter sends the net consumption of the home.
View live consumption and graphs
via the Plugwise Home app.
Works with any smart meter¹.
Workd with Home Assistant.
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Reads live energy consumption of a device.
Suitable for devices up to 16A (3680W).
View the live consumption and graphs via the Plugwise Home app.
Can switch according to a schedule, for example for lamps.
Can switch on the basis of a heat demand, for example an underfloor heating pump or electric radiator².
Works with Adam HA, Homey and
Home Assistant³.


Plugwise Home app

View your energy consumption. Everywhere.


Support when you can’t figure it out.

¹ Every modern smart meter has a P1 port. Do you still have an analog meter or an old smart meter without a P1 port? Then contact your grid operator to have a smart meter installed.
² In combination with Adam HA and a Lisa or OpenTherm thermostat.
³ The Plug must be connected to an Adam HA to work with Home Assistant.
³ Compatibility and functionality differs per OpenTherm thermostat. The Honeywell Round and Remeha iSense thermostats work well. Contact us for other thermostats.