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Tips to save on energy

Energie besparen voor bedrijven

Saving energy is good for the environment, and also for your wallet. But exactly how much energy can you save at home? And what is the best way to tackle this? Plugwise has put together a list with a few energy saving tips for you below. A couple of these tips requires a (small) investment, but the majority will cost you nothing and will result directly in savings. With these tips to save energy and to cut back on energy costs you will put the first steps towards a sustainable world and a lower energy bill. The greenest energy is the energy we don’t use!

Should you have any tips which are not mentioned here, please feel free to let us know. In this way, we can make the following list as complete and up to date as possible. You can mail your energy saving tips to If you want to save substantially on energy and enjoy maximal comfort in your own home, you can realize this with Plugwise products.

Energy saving tips to save about € 1000, - per year

  1. Heat sensibly (€100,- per year)

    Do not heat rooms which are not occupied, such as attics, basements and unused rooms. Close all doors inside to prevent heat loos of the rooms.

  2. Save energy while sleeping (€100,- per year)

    When you leave the house for a longer period (from a few hours) or when you go to sleep, put the heating at 15° C.

  3. Clear the radiator (€80,- per year)

    Clear the radiator as much as possible. Not behind a couch, a cabinet nor behind curtains as these will trap the heat.

  4. Saving energy while cooking (€60,- per year)

    Use pans which are not larger than necessary. Do not use a lot of water and put a lid on pans during cooking. (savings per year: € 33,- when cooking on gas and € 60,- when cooking electrically)

  5. Install energy-saving lamps at home (€55,- per year)

    If you replace 5 filament light bulbs by 5 energy-saving light bulbs and you can save yearly 55 euro on average.

  6. Use less time for showering (€55,- per year)

    Showering for only two minutes less saves you energy. There are various shower coaches which can assist you with that.

  7. Seal windows and doors with weather strips (€54,- per year)

    Experience draught in your home? This can be prevented by sealing the windows and doors with weather strips and keep the mailbox in your door draught-free with a special mailbox brush.

  8. Water saving shower-head (€54,- per year)

    Install a water saving shower-head. In this way you will, save on water and on gas.

  9. Dry clothes using a drying rack (€51,- per year)

    A good alternative to the dryer is hanging your wet clothes out to dry on a drying rack or a line.

  10. Lower room temperature (€50,- per year)

    Lowering the room temperature with only 1 degree (Celsius) can save you 7% on your gas usage for heating. Put on a warm sweater and you will save energy without any loss of comfort.

  11. Replace your old fridge (€50,- per year)

    Old refrigerators use a lot of energy. Replace an old refrigerator (older than 10 years old) with a new one with an A-label.

  12. On vacation (€50,- per year)

    If you leave the house for a period off longer than 5 days, you can turn off the pilot light. The pilot light can also be turned off in the summer. This will save you approx. 90 m³ gas or € 50, - per year (price level 2010). This only applies to boilers which still have a pilot light. Modern boilers with an electronic ignition that doesn’t need to be turned off.

  13. Switching off devices (€45,- per year)

    Did you know that you can save up to 10% on your energy bill by completely switching off all devices at home instead of leaving them in standby mode? A poser strip with a switch is a practical tool.

  14. Wash clothes at 30° C (€30,- per year)

    Today, the majority of laundry detergents work just as well at 30 degrees. This saves yearly approx. € 30, - versus washing at 60 degrees.

  15. Close curtains (€25,- per year)

    During winter time it is advisable to close the curtains early in the evening to somewhat limit the loss of heat.

  16. LED lamps for Christmas lighting (€25,- per year)

    Christmas lighting with LED lamps usage little energy, last longer and will less quickly burn out than the traditional Christmas lightning.

  17. Door closers are useful (€23,- per year)

    Install door closers at 5 doors at home, doors won’t stay unnecessarily open and you will lose less heat.

  18. Install reflective panels (€20,- per year)

    Install or stick reflective panels with adhesive tape behind your radiator. Especially with a non-insulated (cavity) wall. In this way you’ll save € 20, - per m².

  19. Fill up your washing machine (€20,- per year)

    Only wash when your washing machine is completely filled up. Every wash cycle with the machine costs €0,22 cent.

  20. Insulate the heating pipes (€20,- per year)

    Isolating the heating pipes in rooms which do not need to be heated (for example, the hallway, attic or boiler room, will save you on an average € 20,- per 10 meter on insulation per year.

  21. Hot-fill devices (€18,- per year)

    It is often possible to connect your washing machine to the warm-water pipeline, named "Hot-fill". This can be done by installing a hot water faucet in your machine. You will save energy because heating with gas is a cheaper way for heating water as opposed to electric heating.

  22. Defrost your freezer (€13,- per year)

    Defrost your freezer or your freezer compartment in your refrigerator regularly. At an ice layer of 2mm you use already 10% more energy.