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Plugwise Home Extension

Expand your Plugwise network by adding 10 extra Circles to measure and switch 10 extra (groups) devices and lighting.

  • Gain maximum insight and energy saving results
  • Measure 10 extra devices or lighting
  • Add them to your Plugwise app or Source
  • Easily added to your Plugwise network


What is it?
The Home Extension package is an expansion of your Plugwise network (Home Stretch Basic, Home Stretch Start, Home Start of Home Basic) consisting of 10 extra Circles. This allows you to measure and switch 10 extra devices/lighting.

How does it work?
You plug in a Circle in a socket and connect one or more devices or lighting to the Circle. You add the Circle to your Plugwise network and see it appear in the Plugwise app or Source software. You can switch the connected devices/lighting on or off 24/7. You can also easily put together a schedule which switches your devices on of off automatically. Switch off a device completely when you do not use it so it does not use any energy.

Depending on the selected country you will receive a package with the right kind of plug for your country: type F, B, E or G. As described below you will find which socket type work in which country and our product number.

  • Product number 080020
    Socket type F (most countries in Europe, plus Russia, North Korea en South Korea)
  • Product number 080022
    Socket type E (Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Product number 080023
    Socket type G (United Kingdom, Ireland)
  • Product number 080024
    Socket type B (U.S.A, Canada, Mexico)

Socket type B and G (U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and Ireland) have at least a 5 workday lead time

Customer Reviews

Review by Karel de Groot
Very easy to add in the Plugwise app and built to last! I'm very happy with my purchase and I'll try to expand my system more with a Scan or Sense (Posted on 12/9/2014)

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