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Plugwise Home Stretch Basic

The Home Stretch Basic is a complete package for everyone who wants to save energy. You get an actual insight on the energy usage of all connected devices/lighting. There is a separate Home Stretch Basic set available for GB.

  • Use the app to switch 9 devices/lighting on or of from anywhere
  • Detailed insight in the energy usage of your devices and lighting
  • Easily create schedules for automatic switching
  • Easy to install (plug & play)
  • The app works on Android, Windows and Mac


What is it?
The Home Stretch Basic is a package for everyone who wants to save on energy. The package consist of the Stretch, this is the gateway of the Plugwise system that you connect to your LAN of WiFi network. The package also contains 9 Circles that you use to connect your devices or lighting.

The package can always be upgraded. You can start small with the Home Start Extension package, this package contains 3 extra Circles that measure the energy usage of the connected devices/lighting. This way you can maximize your potential savings with minimal costs. You can also choose to measure more devices/lighting with the Plugwise Home Extension package. This package contains 10 extra Circles, so you can really expand your Plugwise network.

How does it work?
You plug in a Circle in a wall outlet and connect one or more devices or lighting to the Circle. The Plugwise app shows you the energy usage of the connected devices, even in standby mode. You can switch the connected devices/lighting on or off 24/7 using the app. You can also easily create a schedule which switches your devices on of off automatically. Switch off a device completely when you do not use it so it does not use any energy.

Historical user consumption
You can check your historical user consumption per hour, day, week, month or even per year. The first six months you will receive your historical user consumption in house as well as outdoors for free. After six months you will receive an automatic notification in your app. You will be redirected to our webshop where you can prolong your subscription to have insight in your historical data outdoors. You can always view your historical data in house for free, you don’t need a subscription for this. To be able to continue to view your historical data after six months outdoors, you have to pay a subscription of € 36,- per year, which is only € 3,- per month. This subscription pays the cost of saving your historical data on our fully secured server. Your data is stored anonymously and will be shared with no one!

Depending on the selected country you will receive a package with the right kind of plug for your country: type F, B, E or G. As described below you will find which plugs work in which country and our product number.

  • Product number 080510
    Socket type F (most countries in Europe, plus Russia, North Korea en South Korea)
  • Product number 080511
    Socket type E (Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Product number 080512
    Socket type G (United Kingdom, Ireland)
  • Product number 080513
    Socket type B (USA, Canada, Mexico)

Socket type B snd G (USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and Ireland) have at least a 5 workday delivery time


Customer Reviews

Review by Fred
Positieve punten: De verkochte camera is erg fijn. Het werkt met PoE. Echter de tip bij de camera is een switch die onbruikbaar is. Handig zou zijn dat men PoE switchen aanbiedt. Helaas nu een verkeerde switch gekocht Verbeterpunten en tips: Probeer producten beter op elkaar af te stemmen. (Posted on 11/25/2014)
Review by Joop
This is literally all that I needed to gain insight into my energy consumption! Fantastic! I'll definitely are going to expand my Plugwise system with a Scan and a Sense! (Posted on 11/25/2014)

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