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Monitor energy production

Producing your own energy and using this energy for own purposes: the demand for solar panels is increasing and as a result the demand for systems to measure own energy production is growing as well. The use of solar panels actually becomes interesting once you know how much energy they produce, how much energy is used thereof and how much energy is fed back to the grid. Plugwise provides insight into and control over your solar panels. Due to the fact that Plugwise saves the measuring data, you have also insight into historical data. For example, you can see at what times the most energy is produced.

Return of investment on your solar panels

With the Plugwise app you can view the solar production using clear charts. Here you can choose over which time period you wish to view your yield. The solar production is indicated in green. When the chart colors red, your solar panels produce less energy than is calculated based on the radiation of the nearest meteorological station. The app calculates namely how much electricity your solar panels should produce.

You can also view when you will have earned your investments in your solar panels back and from which moment on your solar panels will generate more for you financially. On the basis of the measured yield and the entered tariffs, the app can make a realistic prognosis of the estimated payback time and the estimated yield of your solar panels.

Totaalinzicht met de Plugwise Smile P1

Total insight with the Plugwise Smile P1

If you own solar panels you are entitled to a free installation (in the Netherlands) of the smart meter by your network company. To make the best use of the possibilities of this meter Plugwise produced a smart solution: the Smile P1. Use the Stretch Solar in combination with the Smile P1 and you will see exactly the ratio between the yield of your solar panels and your total energy usage. Now that is total insight into your energy household!

Te allen tijde zicht op uw energie opwekking

At all times a clear view on your energy generation

If you generate energy with solar panels, you will want to know of course how much energy thereof you use for yourself. With the Plugwise solar monitoring system you can always and anywhere view how much your solar panels have produced. At home, en route or at the office checking whether your solar panels work properly? At a glance you can see live via the Plugwise app how much energy has been generated. At any given moment of the day, via your smartphone, tablet or computer. By combining your usage data of the Smile P1, you can also view if you have generated more energy than you have used.