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Don’t let the lion stand in his shirt

It’s that time again and the cry is everywhere. In the supermarkets and shops, but also our streets are full of orange lions and encouragements for our Dutch football team. And of course we also encourage our team! The better the Netherlands does, the more profit you have… Every round we pass, you can shop with more discount! But beware, as soon as we do not make it through a round, all discount will immediately expire.

PhaseDiscountPeriodDiscount code
Group stage10% discountTuesday 22 June to Sunday 27 Junenederland10
Eighth final15% discountMonday 28 June to Saturday 3 Julynederland15
Quarter final20% discountSunday 4 July to Wednesday 7 Julynederland20
Semi finals25% discountThursday 8 July to Sunday 11 Julynederland25
Final30% discountMonday 12 July to Sunday 18 Julynederland30

PLEASE NOTE: these discounts will only be valid as soon as the Netherlands gets through the rounds. That will be extra encouragement for more discount!

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