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Sustainable living, saving on energy, saving electricity or reducing water consumption and so on. Today we are more and more aware of it and you can hear it all around you. There is almost no escape and everyone tries to put their best foot forward. But it’s not always easy to decide where to start. There are various energy suppliers, central heating farmers and other providers/agencies that give all kinds of tips about saving on energy costs. To make things easier for you, we list a few tips for you here and you can find more information through these independent websites.

Save on your gas bill:

  • Save on your gas insulation: here you can think of various options, such as cavity wall insulation, floor insulation, roof insulation and double glazing. These are relatively smaller investments and have good savings with which you can earn back the investment quickly and easily.
  • Lower heating: set the thermostat a degree colder as standard, you will be surprised that that one degree sometimes makes little difference. You feeling cold? Then you can always heat a little higher ofcourse. Also keep in mind that constantly setting the heating high and low will only cause more gas consumption.
  • Weatherstripping:make sure all seams and cracks are closed to prevent heat from leaking out. In this way, less gas is used to keep the room warm.
  • Vent the heater: If the heater is not used for a long time, air bubbles can form in the pipes. When this happens, the heating cannot give off optimal heat and therefore it takes longer to heat a room. In other words, it takes longer to heat up. For example, try to do this once every year in the summer.
  • Smart thermostat and/or zone control: expand your heating and use your boiler in a smarter way for heating. This can be done in 2 ways, with a smart thermostat so that the boiler handles flow temperatures and preheating better. Or go all-in and start with a zone control system. Heat per room so that you never heat rooms unnecessarily.

Save on your electricity bill:

  • Replacing light bulbs: a simple but effective saving. Make sure that economical lamps are used in your home, with LED lamps you can already save a few tens in a year!
  • Switch off devices: many devices no longer have an off mode but, for example, a standby mode. As a result, power continues to be drawn by various devices without you realizing it. For example, think of your TV, computer and stereo equipment. For example, think of your TV, computer and stereo equipment. This way you can completely turn off the power for this specific device.
  • Replace appliances: are you planning to buy a new refrigerator? Then pay attention to the energy label, because this actually has an influence. Energy labels range from A to G, you will of course see this in the price tag, but you will save on electricity costs!
  • Use solar energy: that is of course easier said than done, because that is a significant investment that takes longer to pay for itself. Nowadays it is a standard option for new-build houses, but you see it even less often with existing buildings. Nice to see via the Smile P1 how much of your consumption is absorbed by the solar panels!
  • Drying clothes: it’s not that crazy, dry your clothes through a clothes rack or clothesline. With all that laundry you sometimes don’t realize how often a dryer is used. And sometimes even unnecessary. A smaller saving, but every little bit helps!

But of course, to know where to start, you must first know your own home. Where are the pain points in your home? With the Smile P1, you can already view a number of data about your home, namely your gas and electricity consumption. Both your real-time consumption and your historical consumption are made clear in handy overviews. View this per day, week, month or year and become aware of your consumption!


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