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Qupit, new brand, new perspective on smart heating for the whole family

08 18 2016

Most smart thermostats promise you can do everything with it. You can almost use them as a remote control for your television. Qupit does not believe in that promise. Qupit is a down to earth Dutch brand making products for the whole family.

Qupit is a new brand of the established innovator Plugwise. The new brand will fully focus on smart heating solutions for the whole family. The Qupit thermostat, also known as Anna  by Plugwise, will continue its further development at Qupit. In addition, the Qupit product portfolio will be extended on short-term with products for smart zone heating. With this you no longer need to heat up the whole house to one temperature, but can easily set the desired temperature for a specific room.

Qupit believes that comfort and energy saving is a collective endeavour. Therefore, they create products that excel in simplicity for all ages, for the whole family. ‘The less features, the merrier’, that is what Qupit is convinced of. Keep it simple and qupit.

Customized comfort for the whole family, but also saving on your energy bill is the aspiration of Qupit. And Qupit even takes it one step further. In close collaboration with specialised installers, the user will be completely care-free. With the new product the Qupit boiler gateway, you not only make your existing thermostat smart, condition-based maintenance of the boiler will also be possible. The Qupit affiliated installers gain remote insight in their customers  boiler status . This allows  the installer to offer customised services to its customers with a maintenance contract.

Qupit is a brand of the Plugwise group. Next to the Qupit brand  the Plugwise brand will continue to offer  its energy management product portfolio. Both Qupit as Plugwise are located in the Netherlands.

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