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Plugwise Home Manager Kit

  • 4 plug & play smart socket plugs (Circle Type F)
  • Stretch gateway for connectivity to SMA Sunny Home Manager
  • Detailed insight in the energy usage of your devices
  • Easy to expand your Plugwise network by adding additional Circles
  • Reliable wireless ZigBee network


SMA and Plugwise have developed an integrated Smart-Home-System , for which several components as an extension to the SMA Smart Home System have been developed by Plugwise. The Plugwise Smart Plugs can be used with the SMA Smart Home, equipped with the new Sunny Home Manager Firmware Version 1.12 (since October 2015).

For this purpose, a Smart Plug set of Plugwise under the name " Home Manager Kit " is available , which includes the following components :

  • Stretch Gateway equipped with Plugwise Firmware
  • 4 Smart Plugs type Circle F ( one of which (Circle +) has the ZigBee Master Coordinator function)

The Smart Plugs are controlled by the Stretch gateway, which is compatible with the SMA Sunny Home Manager with firmware version 1.12.

For the compatibility of the Plugwise system at least Plugwise firmware version 2.7.7 must be available on the Stretch.

If the Stretch firmware has another firmware version installed, an update to version 2.7.7 ( or higher ) is available. Please send an e-mail to

Email Subject : "Release Update Plugwise " ) request. Please enter the ID of the Stretch in the email to (alphanumeric code , as indicated on the nameplate of the Stretch) .

The Plugwise Home Manager Kit is available from our sales partners .

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