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Plugwise Solar system

Home Stretch 2.0 Solar: through your Smartphone or tablet.

Read out solar panels on your smartphone or tablet

For installations to 16A
With the Plugwise Stealth M+ or Circle+ and the Stretch 2.0, obtaining insight into your energy use is east. The Stretch 2.0 acts as a gateway within the Plugwise solar system, sending the measuring data from the Stealth M+ and the Circle+ to the Plugwise App using your own Wi-Fi network.

With the app on your smartphone or tablet you not only have insight into the production of your solar panels, but also into the performance of the panels and the financial return of your sustainable investment.

For installations to 32A*
The Plugwise Strong ES-32, Smile S0 and Plugwise App provide you with easy and accurate insight into your installation up to 32A, with a production of approximately 7200Wp. The Strong ES-32 measures the actual power produced by your inverter. The Smile S0 logs the pulses that are passed on by the Strong ES-32.

The data is sent from the Smile S0 to the Plugwise App on your Smartphone, tablet or computer over your own Wi-Fi network, so you will always have insight into the historical and current energy production.

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Home Start Solar: via your computer

Read out solar panels on your computer

For installations to 16A
Solar panels are usually connected to an inverter. An inverter ensures that the direct current of the solar panels is converted to alternating current. Alternating current is the current that comes from an electric plug, which is also used by your electrical appliances at home. In order to easily read the converted energy of the inverter, Plugwise offers a simple solution: you connect the Stealth M to the inverter of your solar panels. This energy meter reads the output and sends this information via the Plugwise ZigBee network (Stick) to the Source software on your computer. The Windows software program Source then provides you with detailed information on your energy production.