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Privacy & Cookie Policy Plugwise

This is Plugwise B.V.'s privacy & cookie policy (“Plugwise”)
Plugwise is responsible for the processing of all personal data that Plugwise collects through this website, through the conclusion of an agreement between you and through your use of the Plugwise system.

Personal data
Plugwise receives your personal data through our website or through other ways. For instance, when you regis-ter, apply for the newsletter, request an offer, place an order, install the Plugwise software or use the Plugwise system.

If you purchase the Plugwise system directly from Plugwise, Plugwise will receive among other things your IP address and the details that you provide to Plugwise, including but not limited to your name, address, place of residence, e-mail address and possible bank details.

If your Plugwise system is not directly acquired from Plugwise, but obtained from a specially selected Plugwise partner or distributor, Plugwise will only receive the following personal data when you use the Plugwise system and activate the Plugwise software: your e-mail address, the country you are residing in or where your business has been established and the 4 digits of your postal code.

After activation of the Plugwise software we will immediately delete the link between your licence code and your e-mail address. Your e-mail address will only be used to inform you about software updates. No other personal data will be processed by Plugwise, unless you consented to the processing of your personal data.

Energy consumption data
When you install the Plugwise system with the supplied software, Plugwise receives the licence code of your Plugwise software and your energy consumption data from the devices you connected to the Plugwise system. This concerns data regarding the devices themselves, the moment at which these devices were used and the length of time of usage. We also refer to the Licence terms of Plugwise.

These data are always anonymous and therefore cannot be traced back to natural persons and/or your business details unless, through the software, you explicitly consented to link your personal data to your energy usage data

Purposes and recipients
Your personal data will be used by Plugwise to offer you our services, such as sending software updates for the Plugwise system, to improve our products and to gather information concerning the energy consumption or en-ergy savings of the Plugwise system users at different levels (e.g. in a certain period of time and/or of a certain group). In addition, Plugwise uses your personal data to contact you, send newsletters, answer questions and inform you of Plugwise’s current and future products or services. Insofar as legally required, Plugwise will ask your permission before sending you this type of information.

Plugwise may provide your personal data to third parties, which will process your personal data as described in this privacy & cookie policy according to Plugwise’s instructions and under Plugwise’s responsibility. In addition, Plugwise may also inform you by e-mail about special selected offers from third parties selected by Plugwise, if you granted Plugwise permission to do so. If you no longer wish to receive commercial messages, you may send an e-mail to Plugwise,, stating your name and postal address.

Access, correction and objection
You have the right to access your personal data that Plugwise has processed at any time. If you are of the opin-ion that your personal data as used by Plugwise are incorrect, incomplete or not relevant, you may also request Plugwise to complete, correct or delete such personal data. If you no longer wish to receive commercial mes-sages from Plugwise, you may raise an objection at any time. Regarding these matters you may contact Plug-wise by sending an e-mail to stating your name and postal address.

In case Plugwise decides to establish a forum and you make use of this forum, Plugwise may show certain data as provided by you in the designated public profile pages. When you complete your profile it will be clearly indi-cated which data are public and which are not. If you do not wish these data to be public, you may leave the indicated areas blank in your profile.

Security and retention period
The transfer and storage of your personal data is secured by means of modern standard technical measures. Plugwise will not retain your personal data longer than required for the purposes mentioned above.

If you close your forum account, you may wish to delete or amend (de-identify) the messages you already posted on the website as to ensure that your messages are no longer identified with you.

Cookies and website information
The Plugwise website may make use of "cookies" to help you log in and to personalise your online activities. Cookies are small text files that a website sends to your internet browser that places the text file on the hard drive of your computer. By doing so, the website is able to recognise you at your next visit. Cookies cannot be used to activate programs or to pass on viruses. If a cookie does not need to store personal data, Plugwise will not store that data. You yourself can decide to accept or refuse cookies. Most browsers accept cookies auto-matically, but often you can change the setting of your browser so as to establish that your browser does not accept cookies. If you choose to refuse cookies it may occur that you are no longer able to log in or use the in-teractive applications of the Plugwise website or the services that require the use of cookies. The cookies remain valid for a period of thirty days after your last visit to this site or until the end of a session.

During your visit to our website we may collect information regarding your visit, including the pages you looked at, the links you used and other activities you performed. We may also collect certain standard information sent by your browser to every website you visit, like your IP address, the type and the language of the browser, the duration of your visit and the web address from which you reached our website. Insofar as these data are per-sonal data we will only use them for the purposes described above and no longer than is necessary to achieve these purposes.

Changes to the privacy and cookie policy
This privacy and cookie policy may be changed unilaterally by Plugwise. Changes will become effective on the date mentioned on the announcement. You are advised to regularly read this privacy and cookie policy for pos-sible changes.

Dutch Act on the Protection of Personal Data
We respect your privacy and comply with the rules set by the Dutch Act on the Protection of Personal Data. We notified the processing of all personal data that Plugwise collects through our website and through the sale and use of the Plugwise system with the Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague under no. 1348099.

This privacy and cookie policy has been changed most recently on 20-01-2009.