Smart thermostat for the Living room

It regulates the temperature and therefore provides comfort in the house. As long as you have internet, you can operate it from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet.

If you are at home, you can of course also do it manually, without needing internet. That means that you are not left in the cold in the event of an internet failure.


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  • No subscription costs.
  • Can be operated manually, but also remotely with the Plugwise Home app.
  • Set a temperature schedule.
  • Allows for a daily temperature schedule.
  • Features effective saving mode.
  • Does not forward data unsolicited to third parties.


What is it?

Anna is a smart thermostat. Set the temperature manually by tapping the metal sides on the right for warmer, left for colder. Anna shows with background lighting that she does what you ask.

If you want to adjust the temperature with the push of a button, use the presets that you set to your own preference.

Do you want to use a heating schedule? Then use the corresponding Plugwise Home app or web interface. This way you can automatically heat up your home. And are you unexpectedly going home earlier? Then you can already turn on your heating remotely, so that you come home to a warm house.

How does it work?

Anna comes with a gateway (Smile-T) that is connected to the boiler. The gateway ensures communication between Anna, the Plugwise Home app, the linked HTML interface and the boiler.

You connect the thermostat and the gateway to the wires between the existing thermostat and the boiler. By connecting the gateway to the local network (WiFi and LAN), you can also control the temperature in the house via the app and the html interface.

Because Anna must be installed on an existing central heating system, we recommend having it installed by a handy friend or a recognized installer.

If you have the central heating system under control, you can install the thermostat in 4 steps:

  1. Connect the gateway to the network (WiFi / LAN).
  2. Connect the gateway to the wires between the boiler and the thermostat.
  3. Replace the thermostat in the living room with Anna.
  4. Install the Plugwise Home app for Android or iOS.

What does it work with?

The Anna 24V works with OpenTherm and on/off systems (max 24V). The Anna 230V works with 230V on/off systems. This means that the Anna’s work on the following systems:

  • Boiler
  • Hybrid heat pump
  • Heat pump
  • District heating with main valve

For the following products there is an extra integration that allows you to see additional functions in the app *:

* This function is activated by default if Anna is supplied with the installation of the Elga/Loria/Thermastage. Will you add an Anna later? Then buy the extra feature.

Anna can also be used as a living room thermostat in a zone control with:


Smart Home integrations

Technical specifications

» ø 97 x 26 mm

» Temperature
» Measurement accuracy: ±0,5°C
» Measurement resolution: 0,1°C
» Measurement range: 0 – 50°C

Power supply
» Micro-USB (5VCD)

Power consumption
» max. 2,5W

» Wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2,4GHz
» Ethernet

Works with
» Adam HA
» Homey
» Home Assistant
» Homeseer
» Domoticz

Control via
» Anna thermostat
» Plugwise Home app
» Local webpage

Anna 24V boiler support
» Opentherm
» On/off potential free up to 24V*

* This makes Anna suitable for most on/off systems.

Anna 230V boiler support
» On/off potential free up to 230V 16A/8A (COS Φ =0.4)

Supported systems
» Boiler
» Heatpump
» District heating

» Mechanical button
» Bi-color LED light

IP Class
» IP30

» RoHS
» Recyclable packaging

» 2 years