Techneco Elga feature

Get more out of your Techneco Elga with the special Anna and Adam integration. Note: Not suitable for Remeha Elga Ace.


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More insight and settings with Anna and Adam

What is it?

Plugwise, together with Techneco / Remeha, has made an integration of Elga for Anna and Adam. This allows you to see Elga specific information and settings in the Plugwise Home app and webpage of Anna and Adam.



Heating and preheating is done as efficiently as possible for the characteristics of the heat pump.



Anna allows automatic cooling. In the settings, set the outside temperature from which cooling should take place. With the Elga feature you can also cool with Anna. You don’t need an extra Cooling feature for Anna.

Unfortunately automatic cooling does not work with Adam HA. See explanation about the dip switches. Manual cooling is possible with Adam and Elga. For this you additionally need a Cool feature.


Supported devices

This feature is suitable for the Elga heat pump for:

Anna 24V
Adam HA

Feature details

After purchase, we will put the feature on your Anna or Adam HA within 24 hours.

Did you buy Anna or Adam HA through Techneco or Remeha? Then the Elga feature has already been activated.

Elga icon

See when the Elga or the boiler is on. A heat pump icon is displayed in the app and on Anna when the Elga is on, a flame icon when the boiler is on.



Elga information

See the Elga status, error codes and start a test mode.


See the position of all dip switches (not adjustable).


  • Set the weather-dependent maximum boiler temperature.
  • Adjust the swtich off conditions of the heat pump and boiler.
  • Automatic cooling with an adjustable cooling limit (Anna only)


Look back at how Elga performed. Check the modulation level in the bottom graph to see how hard the Elga has modulated. And see from the red bar whether the boiler has been switched on.


Is my Anna or Adam ready for Elga?

Anna/Adam delivered with Elga

If Anna or Adam was delivered together with an Elga heat pump, the Elga feature is already activated and works with it. If the Elga is installed before October 2017, it will first need an update. Please contact your installer or Techneco for this.

Anna/Adam not delivered via Techneco/Remeha

Do you have an Anna or Adam that has not been delivered via Techneco or Remeha? Then it is not prepared for an Elga and you still need the Elga feature.

Elga or Elga Ace?

The Elga Ace is the successor of the Elga and has different hardware and software. For the Elga Ace there is no special integration that provides additional functions as described on this page. However, Anna and Adam also work perfectly with the Elga Ace. Set the heating profile to Eco and it will heat quietly, which is great for a heat pump.

Supported systems

This feature is suitable for the following Plugwise products:

  • Anna
  • Adam HA

This feature is suitable for the following Elga:

  • Installed after October 2017 (Elga firmware version 15.3 and above).
  • Toshiba outdoor unit

After purchase, we will put the feature on your Anna or Adam HA within 24 hours.


Technical details

Adam works with dip switch B2 on

Adam can work with multiple zones. So there can be several set zone temperatures. Elga’s regulation can’t handle this. For example, if the highest zone temperature is requested from the Elga, the amount of heat required can differ each time at the same room temperature demand because it can be 1 zone or several zones. For Adam, therefore, dip switch B2 (weather dependent) must be set to On. With this Adam can now regulate the required water temperature and thus request the correct amount of heat (depending on the demand from the zones). The advice here is to set the control on the Adam at menu – settings – heating system – heating – heating profile to Eco, so that the Adam will demand slightly lower temperatures and the Elga will then be less likely to turn on the boiler.

Anna works with dipswitch B2 off

The Elga itself has a control that can determine how hot the water should be and when the boiler should be switched on. The Elga only looks at the set room temperature of the thermostat for this. The Elga then ignores the requested water temperature from the thermostat. That is why dip switch B2 must be Off at Anna (ignore what the thermostat asks, but calculate it yourself).

Adam can cool with Elga, but not automatically

There is a difference between how Anna and Adam can control the Elga. Elga only supports thermostat-controlled cooling when dip switch B2 is off. Because dipswitch B2 must be on with Adam, automatic cooling does not work with the Adam. Control cooling with the cooling button on the Elga and set Adam to cooling. For more information about cooling, visit the Remeha website.