Wireless temperature sensor

With this wireless temperature sensor you can measure the temperature in a room more accurately. Jip can be placed unobtrusively anywhere in the room. You can easily operate it via the Plugwise Home app.


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  • Measures the room temperature and transmits the desired temperature to Tom, Floor or a Plug.
  • Only works on batteries, so it can be placed anywhere in the room.
  • Easy to place on the wall or lay Jip on a surface.
  • Communicates wirelessly according to the open ZigBee standard “Home Automation 1.2” (HA 1.2).
  • Handy for a home, but also for business environments, where you want to prevent someone from adjusting the temperature without an app.
  • Operated by Home Automation Gateways, such as Adam, Homey and Smart Life.


What is it?

Jip is a temperature sensor for in a room. Place a Jip (or Lisa) and the corresponding Tom (radiator), Floor (underfloor heating) or Plug (valve motors, circulation pump) in each room in the room to heat the room.

Operate Jip via the Plugwise Home app. If you want to adjust a temperature, for example when you leave the room, you can do so by pressing the – or + sign in the app or by using a schedule.

How does it work?

Jip is wireless and therefore easy to place per room; no chopping or breaking work is required. Install it on the wall with the double-sided sticker or screw. Or put Jip somewhere down.

Add the Jip in the correct zone in the Plugwise Home app (installation of Lisa and Jip is the same).


Power supply via batteries

  • Behaves like a ZigBee end device.
  • Has energy-saving sleep mode for longer battery life.
  • Sends / receives signals to and from linked ZigBee router.