Wireless zone thermostat

With Lisa you are not dependent on your smartphone or tablet. You measure the temperature per zone and set it manually. The surrounding Tom radiator valves then take care of the rest.

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  • Measure the room temperature.
  • Provides insight into the actual and desired temperature in the room.
  • Can be placed anywhere wirelessly.
  • Is powered by batteries or a USB power supply.
  • Communicates wirelessly according to the open ZigBee standard “Home Automation 1.2” (HA 1.2).
  • Is controlled by Adam HA or via Homey.


What is it?

Lisa is a zone control that measures the temperature in the room and lets you set the temperature. Place a Lisa and the corresponding Tom’s per room on all radiators in the room to heat the room.

Operate Lisa with the 3 buttons around the screen. Use the two buttons to the left and right of the screen to set the desired temperature. This is possible per 0.5°C. When you use the buttons, Lisa shows what she’s doing with backlighting.

If you want to quickly adjust the temperature – for example when you leave the room – then use the presets. To do this, press the button at the top of the screen.

How does it work?

Lisa is wireless and therefore easy to place per room; no chopping or breaking work is required. Install it on the wall using the hanging mechanism and power it with batteries or an adapter. If you want, you can put the zone control on the table with the supplied stand.

Adapter vs. batteries

Lisa works with batteries (minimum lifespan 1 year) but can also be powered via a USB adapter. Depending on the choice of battery or adapter, it works slightly differently within the ZigBee network.

Power supply via adapter

  • Acts like a ZigBee router.
  • Is always ‘online’ and accessible for other ZigBee modules.
  • Amplifies the signal and quality of the ZigBee network.
  • Forwards signals to linked ZigBee end devices.

Power supply via batteries

  • Behaves like a ZigBee end device.
  • Has energy-saving sleep mode for longer battery life.
  • Sends / receives signals to and from linked ZigBee router.
  • Wakes up every 7 seconds to receive radio signals.
  • Wakes up every 10 minutes to adjust the radiator.*

* If the Tom is powered by a battery, it can take up to 10 minutes before all zones are heated according to desired adjustments.

Technical specifications

» ø 85 x 25 mm

» Temperature
» Measurement accuracy: ±0.5°C at 25°C
» Measurement resolution: 0,1°C
» Measurement range: 0 – 40°C

Power supply
» Micro-USB (5VCD)
» 4x 1,5V AAA Batteries
» Battery life: 2 years

Power consumption
» Average <0,1W
» Max. 3W

Wireless communication
» ZigBee Home Automation 1.2
» Frequency: 2.400-2.483,5MHz. (16 channels/2.4 GHz ISM band)
» Supports Mesh network

Works with
» Adam HA

Smart Home integrations
» Homey
» Home Assistant
» Homeseer

Control via
» Touch sensitive buttons
» Plugwise Home app
» Local webpage Adam HA

Maximum number of devices
» You can add up to 60 devices per Adam HA. You can use multiple Adam HA per home/building.

» LCD segment display
» 3 Touch sensitive buttons
» Mechanical button
» Multicolor LED light

IP Class
» IP30

» RoHS
» Recyclable packaging

» 2 years

Zigbee clusters

If you want to integrate Lisa with your Home Automation gateway, you can use the following HA clusters and commands. All mandatory commands within the mentioned clusters are supported.








Power configuration


Power configuration






Temperature measurement


Optionele commando’s

Application version

Hardware version

Manufacturer name

Model identifier

Date code

Battery percentage remaining

Battery size

Battery quantity

Local temperature calibration