Loria/Thermastage feature

Loria/Thermastage heat pump support for Anna and Adam HA.


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What is it?

The Loria and Thermastage are heat pumps that support OpenTherm thermostats. Together with the manufacturer of the Loria and Thermastage, we made an extra integration for the Anna and Adam to make them work optimally together.


Supported devices

This feature is suitable for the Loria and Thermastage heat pumps for:

Adam HA

Feature details

After purchase, we will put the feature on your Anna or Adam HA within 24 hours.

Did you buy Anna or Adam HA through Thercon Belgium? Then the Loria/Thermastage feature is already activated. The Cool feature may have already been activated.

Additional control via Anna

For the Loria/Thermastage, two extra functions have been added to the buttons of the Anna display. For example, you can switch on the cooling mode and the tap water boost via the buttons. For Anna and Adam this is also possible via the app.




Heating and preheating is done as efficiently as possible for the characteristics of the heat pump.



With the Cooling feature you can cool with Loria and Thermastage heat pumps and the Anna and Adam HA.

The cooling mode can be switched on with the Anna display by touching the top for 5 seconds. On the display and in the app you can see that the cooling mode is on. With Adam the cooling mode can be turned on in the settings.

*Without a cooling feature, it is not possible to cool.


DHW comfort mode

The DHW comfort setting can be set via the app to:

  • Boost
  • Auto
  • Comfort
  • Eco
  • Off

The Boost mode can also be turned on via the Anna display by tapping the left side for 3 seconds.


Electric backup heater

See how long the electric backup heating has been on.

If the electric backup heater is used for more than 6 hours in a day or 30 hours in a week, a warning notification will appear in the app.


Two circuits

Does your Loria/Thermastage have a double circuit? You can use Anna for circuit 1 and Adam for circuit 2.

Assign Anna or Adam as the master thermostat. If you set the main thermostat to cooling, the other thermostat will automatically be set to cooling as well.If you set the main thermostat to cooling, the other thermostat will automatically be set to cooling as well.


Time synchronization

The Anna and Adam update the time on the heat pump if it deviates. If Anna and Adam are not connected to the internet, the time on Anna and Adam can be updated with the smartphone.