Meet en schakel apparaten tot 3,7kW (16A)

Measure up to 16A/3680W the energy consumption per device with the Plugwise Plug. The Plug can switch electrical appliances, measure energy consumption and yield and switch automatically with a schedule or heat demand.

Only works with Adam HA.


Preorder|Pay attention: The expected delivery is in the end of August

Preorder|Pay attention: The expected delivery is in the end of August

  • Free shipping from €100 (NL) or €150 (BE)
  • Ordered before 12:00 on working days, delivered tomorrow
    (when in stock)
  • 2 weeks to change your mind
  • Measure the energy use of the connected appliance/lighting.
  • Turn off electrical appliances/lights.
  • Overload protection.
  • Is controlled by Adam HA or via Homey.


What is it?

You place the Plug between the socket and the device. The Plug can switch electrical appliances or lighting, measure energy use and pass it on to other Home Automation products, such as an Adam HA.


What can it do?


The Plug measures power consumption and output up to 230V 16A (3680 Watt). This way you can see exactly how much power your device uses or returns.


The Plug can switch devices on or off. Switch via the button on the Plug or via the Plugwise Home app.

Switch with a schedule

Create a schedule or have the Plug switch automatically. Handy for your lighting, for example.

Switching on the basis of a heat demand

Use the Plug together with Plugwise zone control to have automatic switching based on the heat demand. This can be used to switch the following devices, for example:

  • Underfloor heating circulation pumps
  • Valve actuators / Koen
  • Electric heating
  • Infrared panels


How does it work?

You can install the Plug within your existing ZigBee network. The Plug communicates according to the ZigBee standard “Home Automation 1.2”. Check in advance whether and how you can add the Plug to your system.

The Plug acts like a “Zigbee router”. A Zigbee router is always accessible to other Zigbee modules. In addition, the Plug increases the quality of the network.


What does it work with?

The Plug works with the following Zigbee gateways:

  • Adam HA
    Supports all functions such as switching with a circuit diagram or switching based on a heat demand and display graphs.
  • Homey*
  • Home assistant
  • Homeseer
  • Other Zigbee gateways that support Home Automation.

* Adam HA required

Please note, does not work with Smile P1 or Anna.

Technical specifications

» ø 44 x 72 x 81 mm

Power supply
» 230V AC 50/60Hz
» Max. 16A

» Elektriciteitsmeting bi-directioneel
» Measurement accuracy current consumption: ±5% ±0.5W
» Measurement accuracy cumulative consumption: ±1% ±0.2W
» Measurement resolution: 0,1W
» Measuring range: -3680W – +3680W

» On/off max. 3680W

Power consumption
» max. 1,1W

Wireless communication
» ZigBee Home Automation 1.2
» Frequency: 2.400-2.483,5MHz. (16 channels/2.4 GHz ISM band)
» Supports Mesh network

Works with
» Adam HA
» Homey*
» Home Assistant*
» Homeseer*
* Requires Adam HA

Control via
» On/off button
» Plugwise Home app
» Local webpage Adam HA

Maximum number of devices
» You can add up to 60 devices per Adam HA. You can use multiple Adam HA per home/building.

» Mechanical button
» Bi-color LED light

IP Class
» IP30

» RoHS
» Recyclable packaging

» 2 years