Relay box Heating & Cooling

Switch a heating and a cooling contact

This Relay box is powered by 230V and a 5V USB power supply. The Relay box is switched by a plug and an Adam HA. In combination with a plug, Adam HA and a thermostat, you can then switch any heating and cooling contact from 0-230V on the basis of the heating or cooling demand. For example, consider district heating with a cooling valve and a heating valve or a heat pump with a cooling contact and a heating contact.


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What is it?

Do you have an on/off contact for heating and an on/off contact for cooling? And is the heating contact higher than 24V? Then use this Relay box for heating and cooling.

If Adam has a demand then Adam’s contact will close. The plug then determines whether this is for heating or cooling. When there is a demand for heat, the heat contact will eventually close. When cooling, the cooling contact will eventually close. If there is no heat or cooling demand, both contacts are open.

This relay box is suitable for contacts that have an on/off contact and for contacts that also require constant power. An example is district heating with valve drives that have an N and L lead with a second L lead that switches. Another example is a heat pump that has a heating contact and a cooling contact.

Please note, does your heat pump have a demand contact and a heating/cooling contact? Then only use a plug with a 230V relay box. Connect the plug with the Relay Box 230V to the heating/cooling contact and set it as the appliance type cooling contact and connect Adam to the demand contact.


  • 1x Relay box with cables up to 1m
  • 1x Relay box diagram


What do you need?

  • 1x Adam HA
  • 1x Thermostat
  • 1x Plug / Aqara Plug
  • 1-3x Free sockets (depending on contacts to be controlled)
  • 1x Cooling feature (optional, only for cooling)


Enter an ID

Do you also choose the Cool feature? Then enter the ID of your Adam HA if you already have one. The ID consists of 8 letters and is located on the bottom of the gateway. You can also find the ID in the app.