Thermostatic radiator valve

Tom and Adam make it possible to have every room at the right temperature at the right time. Plus having the central heating boiler or your heat pump work in the most efficient way. You can link up to 80 Toms in 20 rooms to one Adam. You can operate Tom via the Plugwise Home App or via the Lisa zone control.


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  • Constantly regulates the radiators for a stable room temperature.
  • Allows heating zones with their own schedules.
  • Works on batteries or via an adapter.
  • Operated by Home Automation Gateways, such as Adam, Homey and Smart Life.


What is it?

Thanks to the Tom’s you only heat where necessary and not higher than necessary. Is the fireplace burning or the sun shining on the windows, the Tom’s take this into account. This way you can quickly save up to 15% on your heating costs.

Install the Tom on every radiator and link it to each other in the Plugwise app per room to make it a zone. From that moment on, customized comfort is possible.

From that moment on, tailor-made comfort is possible, such as the room for the baby you want at 17°C, the living room where 20°C feels comfortable, while 14°C is enough for the empty guest room.

How does it work?

The Tom is suitable for almost all radiators where the radiator valve can be taken off. The radiator valve is equipped with an M30x1.5mm adapter ring. For the two most common deviations, two adapter rings are supplied M28x1.5mm and the Danfoss RA connection as standard.

Know that adapter rings are available for almost all other radiator connections. Your installer knows everything about it.

Adapter vs. batteries

The Tom needs power. This can be done with batteries (which last at least a year), or via an adapter that takes its power from the socket. Depending on which power supply you use, the radiator valve works in a different way.


Power supply via adapter

  • Acts like a ZigBee router.
  • Is always ‘online’ and accessible for other ZigBee modules.
  • Amplifies the signal and quality of the ZigBee network.

Power supply via batteries

  • Behaves like a ZigBee end device.
  • Has energy-saving sleep mode for longer battery life.