Zone control Starter package

Start heating an extra zone such as the study or baby room. The right temperature, at the right time. And you can always expand later to heat more zones smartly.

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Pay attention: The expected delivery time is in June.

Pay attention: The expected delivery time is in June.

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  • The starter package for Plugwise zone control.
  • Control your current thermostat remotely*.
  • Get started right away with two zones *.
  • Heats only when needed and saves up to 30%.
  • Separate schedules for all connected zones.
  • Insight into your system with handy graphs.


What is it?

The zone control starter package is suitable for installation up to 2 zones and consists of:

  • 1x Adam HA: the gateway with Zigbee Stick controls the boiler and connects all products for zone heating
  • 1x Lisa: wireless thermostat to accurately measure and set the temperature per room.
  • 1x Tom: thermostatic radiator valve to control the radiator.

The Plugwise zone control is unique. The regulation analyzes the heating of the various rooms in the house and the influence of sunlight, the outside temperature and the heating behavior of the boiler. By subsequently retrieving the weather forecasts for the coming hours, the regulation predicts how the boiler can best be controlled to heat the various rooms in the house as optimally as possible. In addition, the zone control learns how the room can best be heated with the lowest possible consumption.

How does it work?

1. Connect Adam HA to the local network (WiFi or LAN), so you can set the temperature in the house via the Plugwise Home app, both indoors and outdoors.

2. First you register the Tom and Lisa on the network of Adam HA. Make sure that you provide all radiators in the room with a Tom.

3. Adam HA is connected to the wires between the central heating boiler and the existing OpenTherm thermostat. No OpenTherm thermostat? No problem. Remove the on/off thermostat from the living room and replace it with a Lisa or Anna.

* With Lisa and Tom you can operate one room. Do you already have a thermostat in the living room that supports OpenTherm? Then you can connect it to Adam HA. This way you can control the whole house as you already do with your living room thermostat and a separate room with Lisa and Tom. Just like now, you have no control over the other individual rooms.
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