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Plugwise Anna 230V


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Anna regulates the temperature in your home. She has style and she draws the attention by her simplicity. She is made out of high quality materials. Anna is suitable for heating systems with switching based on an on/off signal up to 230V (up to 5A).

  • Simply create a daily temperature schedule.
  • Control Anna remotely using the app on your smartphone or tablet. Or by touching Anna.
  • The saving mode is a tool that can help you save energy.
  • Use geo-fence if you want Anna to switch off when you’re away, and switch on when you come back home.
  • Anna says: Your data is yours. You keep control of your own data.
  • No subscription, no monthly costs.

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Since working with high voltage can be dangerous, Anna 230V should only be installed by a certified installer.

Anna regulates the temperature in your home. She learns how fast your home heats up and cools down within a period of one week. For this she makes an assumption based on an average house. Together with Anna you can easily create a temperature schedule. Anna determines how far in advance she needs to start heating in order to reach the desired temperature on the set time. She knows the outside temperature, and takes this into account. This way she is sure she is able to efficiently heat your home, and keep it at the right temperature. Anna remembers how she heated your home and can show this to you. She also remembers why she needed to heat up the home. She offers insight into your heating behaviour, so you are able to optimise this.

Increase or decrease the temperature through Anna or through the app. Anna shows that she obeys your instructions by using a colour. Through the presets you can quickly set a temperature. With the app you can also remotely control Anna. And if you want, Anna uses geo-fence to determine if you are nearby. Anna switches off when you leave your house and back on when you approach home. Saving on your heating costs depends on many factors. For instance you need a well functioning boiler. Isolation of your home also plays an important role. But most important: you. You can choose if you want to save with Anna or if comfort is more important. The saving mode is a supporting tool for this.

Anna works for you?

Anna 230V is suitable for connection to heating systems using an on/off signal. Not entirely sure? Ask your installer for advice.

Checklist for Anna:

  • Do you have a boiler for heating
  • Do you have a solid Wi-Fi signal
  • Do you have a smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android)

Anna 230V is suitable for heating systems such as:

  • Boilers on/off (0-230V, 5A)
  • Floor heating on/off (e.g. valve control 0-230V, 5A)
  • Heat pumps on/off (0-230V, 5A)
  • Electrical systems on/off (0-230V, 5A)

For some boilers further action is required. You can find this information in the manual of your boiler or contact the installer of your boiler.

Anna 230V is not suitable for heating systems such as:

  • Heating systems only supporting proprietary (manufacturer specific) protocols.
  • Systems using current higher then 5A or voltage higher then 230V.

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