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Plugwise Scan

The Plugwise Scan is a wireless motion detector. You can automatically turn your lights on or off based on movement or daylight.

  • Wireless motion and daylight sensor for your Plugwise system
  • Only switch on the light when it is really necessary
  • Check the occupancy rate of a room with the Scan
  • Easy to install with screws or an adhesive strip


What is it?
The Scan is a wireless motion detector that makes sure that lighting will switch of automatically when there is no one in the room. The Scan also detects the incidence of light, so no lights will be turned on, when there is no need to. If there is enough light in a room, or if no one is there the lighting will be switched off.

How does it work?
The Scan is wireless and logs the presence of people in the room and the incidence of light. By doing this you can determine the occupancy rate of a room which you can relate to the energy usage. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the Scan using the app or Source software. You have complete control over your lighting, without having to bother. The Scan is easily installed by using screws or an adhesive strip.


Customer Reviews

Review by Martijn Helwes
The Scan is very nice for me because it saves me money.I always forget to switch of the lighting in my room and this switches it off automatically! (Posted on 12/11/2014)

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